In general, earning foreign currency is one of the most important parts of economic development. In fact, selling a product or providing services to other countries is called export.

An exporter is any natural or legal person who has a commercial card or has a license from the Ministry of Commerce. In general, in import and export laws, there are two persons as exporter and importer. Export has different stages that we examine.

  • The first part of export, which is included in the list of export steps, is marketing. Marketing means that foreign markets are well known and the ways to penetrate them are determined. Using effective advertising methods will play a very useful role in the success of an exporter.
    • Obtaining an export permit is the second stage of export, although according to the latest information that has reached us, only certain goods require entry permits. In the export process, determining the export price is an important concept. In fact, the exporter must provide correct pricing from the pricing commission to determine the price of his export items. The exporter must also act according to the declared price.
  • Proforma issuance is one of the other stages of import and export, and it means that the exporter must send a proforma that contains the specifications of the goods to the buyer. In the next sections of export, there is the concept of procurement and packaging, which means that the goods must be prepared and packaged according to the existing agreement.
  • Then the buyer requests a certificate and it is necessary that the certificate he wants be issued by the institutions that are agreed upon by both sides of the transaction. The exporter of a commodity must provide documents that show that he will not refuse to submit the foreign exchange bond.

Keep in mind that in terms of import and export, a specific contract for transportation and insurance must be concluded, and the exporter must conclude a contract with one of the reliable transportation companies. The goods must be insured until they reach their destination. In the next step, the goods are transported to the customs and finally the deposit is made.

Exporting Services

NewWorld International Holding carries out the following actions in order to export the goods and services of domestic companies abroad:

1- Obtaining an export permit from the source company or, if it is not possible to obtain legal permits from the competent authorities

2- Monitoring and managing the transportation of goods from the origin to the borders and from the borders to the destination

3- Providing advice and solutions for the ease of exporting to companies

4- Submitting a report on how operations are carried out to the company of origin and the necessary coordination with customs inside and outside the country

5- Transporting goods from the origin of companies inside the country to the borders and after leaving the country from the borders to the designated destinations.

6- Submitting the final report to the source company

Export Types

Export is done in two ways: direct export and indirect export. In direct export, the manufacturer directly communicates with the importing country or countries and sells its goods or products. But in indirect export, the producer starts exporting its goods or products through an intermediary or intermediaries in its country. Both methods of export are classified into different types:

1- Direct Export and Its Types

Usually, companies that are encouraged by international buyers to export goods or services, or sellers who can afford to pay for their organization, use the direct export method. In fact, companies are able to do this method that can undertake all the necessary activities to sell their products or services in the destination country. Among these activities, we can mention determining market capacity, finding customers, determining distribution channels, and actions such as preparing documents and insurance.

Direct export includes three types:

  • Setting up a sales office abroad: By establishing an office or renting a warehouse abroad, the exporter delivers the goods directly to the customers.
  • Using a broker: in this way, the exporter does the work of attracting and attracting customers and placing orders through a brokerage company. That is a company whose job is to take orders, without any ownership rights on goods or products, only acts as an intermediary between the exporter and importer and communicates between the two.
  • Appointment of a distributor: in this way, goods or products are sold to them by signing a contract with one or more distributors in the importing country. In this way, the distributor takes ownership of the goods and provides services to customers on behalf of the exporter.

2- Indirect Export and Its Types

Indirect Export

Most of the companies that recently intend to export activities use the indirect export method. In this method, a very large capital is not needed, and the company is not required to hire a salesperson or execute related contracts in foreign countries. On the other hand, this method is less risky for new companies. Indirect export includes the export of goods through several intermediaries in the producing country and is done in two ways:

- Export by Export Management Companies: In this type of export, export management companies represent several manufacturers and export goods by identifying customers and accepting orders. Export management companies usually take ownership of the goods and assume all risks associated with doing business in other countries.

- Reliance Export: In this type of export, the producer entrusts the export of his/her goods to another producer. In fact, instead of direct export, he/she relies on another exporter whose export goods are complementary or related to his/her product.

Organizations Related To Iran's Export

In the export of goods and services, there are various organizations and bodies, both as policymakers and service providers, including:

  • Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
    • Office of export and import regulations
    • Business training center
  • Islamic Republic of Iran Customs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Deputy of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies



The types of goods and services provided by NewWorld International Holding are:

1- Foodstuffs (bulk and packaging)

2- Cosmetics, hygiene, cellulose, detergent

3- Medicines and medical equipment

4- Printing and binding derivatives (books, notebooks, etc.)

5- Stationery

6- Packaging materials

7- Industrial machines and their spare parts

8- Services (technology, technical and engineering, etc.)

Below we examine the types of export goods and services:

1- Foodstuffs

Due to the population growth in countries, no country can produce all the goods it needs alone, and this is where the importance of food export conditions and meeting the needs of a country in the food sector becomes clear. With the help of food exports, developing countries can increase the innovation and quality of goods in their country, and this kind of competition among exporting companies increases. Food export is a complex and diverse process, which most countries are trying to enter this field and become a top exporter. Based on economic studies, it is expected that by 2050, half of the world's population will depend on other countries for their food supply.

Important Factors in Food Exports

Food exports depend on many factors such as storage techniques, type of packaging, fast transportation, consumer eating habits and people's purchasing power. Therefore, traders should consider all the conditions of food export and do not forget these points in food business.

Food Packing

Packaging is an essential component in any type of export product, which affects not only safety, but also cost, communication, and even product marketing. The exporter is responsible for the packaging of the export goods and must ensure that the packaging will not be damaged during international travel. In the food industry, the cost of packaging is about 10 to 15 percent of the finished product price, but in Iran, this figure is 35 to 50 percent, and sometimes this figure is even higher. The specifications of an export package are:

  • Appropriate in terms of environmental conditions in target marketing
  • In accordance with the rules requested by each market
  • Dynamic and reliable information
  • Showing Iranian identity through packaging
  • Innovative



Transportation of Food

Foods are divided into two categories, perishable and non-perishable. Non-perishable materials mean that they do not spoil over time, but they lose their quality and can no longer be used. Sugar, rice and sugar are these types of food. There are two categories among non-perishable ingredients, the first category is ingredients that lose their quality within a few hours, such as fish and shrimp and some vegetables that lose their initial freshness after a few hours. These materials are usually transported by air.

The other batch will spoil within a few days. Among these materials, we can mention yogurt and dairy products, which are transported by refrigerated vans and trucks. Some of the points that food trucks are required to comply with and are part of the food export conditions are:

  • Preventing different people from entering the compartment where food is stored
  • Necessary temperature control in the cold room or greenhouse
  • Compliance with the cold and hot chain of food and according to the material that is going to be sent to another point
  • Paying attention to the state of freezing in relation to frozen food items that are being moved
  • Prevent food contact with the bottom of the container
  • Perform the pre-heating and pre-cooling process one hour before loading
  • Paying attention to the thermometer in the cold room or hot room
  • Paying attention to the cleanliness of the food container and the absence of unpleasant odors
  • Disinfection of surfaces that are in direct contact with food




All Kinds of Export Food

Food industries are divided into two categories: raw and processed. Processed products are canned and compote.

Dry Products

Pasta and noodles are two types of dry products. Due to the fact that these products are produced with good quality and in high volume, as well as the cheapness of manpower in Iran, the surrounding countries want these products. Nuts, dried fruits and saffron are other dry products.



Perishable Products

Products like milk and sauce are perishable products. A product like milk spoils quickly if it is not kept at the right temperature, or a product like mayonnaise becomes two-phase if it is kept at a cold temperature and spoils if it is exposed to heat. These products can be exported using refrigerated containers.



Marine Products

Iranian caviar is one of the most valuable export foods in the world. Iran is a very rich country in terms of seafood. Shrimp, fish and crab are other important marine products.



Vegetables and Legumes

Vegetables can be exported in bulk and packaged or processed as dried vegetables. Countries like Russia, Armenia, Iraq and Georgia want these products. In the field of legumes, peas are one of the products that have a lot of demand.



2- Cosmetics, Cellulose, Detergent

The amount of export of this large industry is very high; it includes cosmetic products, shampoo, hair color, health oils, etc. These products are not food items that are very necessary, but we see how much they are consumed all over the world. In the customs, these products are known by the tariff code or identifier (33hs), and all the products that are of this category are part of its derivatives and are included under it.



Examining the export of detergents and hygiene products:

Iran plays an important role in the field of exporting detergents and hygiene products to neighboring countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, Iran's production of detergents and hygiene products is more than the needs of its domestic market, and this has caused Iran to play a significant role in the field of exporting detergents and hygiene products to other countries, especially neighboring countries, in the last few years. that the amount of export of detergents and hygiene products in Iran has reached billions and has greatly contributed to the economic cycle of the country.

Which countries have the export potential of detergents?

The countries of China, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India have the greatest potential to export detergents from Iran.

Turkey, Syria, Russia, Chinese Taipei and Thailand are in the next ranks. The countries of Indonesia, UAE, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Myanmar also have high capacity.

In the countries of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan, the export of detergents has exceeded their capacity for this product. In contrast, China, India, Turkey, Syria, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and the UAE have high export potential.

China, India and Turkey have the largest capacity and export potential for exporting detergents due to their market capacity and easy trade relations. Iran has the closest export relationship with Armenia for the export of detergents and hygiene products. The studies conducted indicate that the Chinese market has the highest demand capacity for this product. In fact, China shows the largest difference between export potential and actual exports in terms of value.

Target Markets for Cosmetics, Cellulose and Detergent Products

Cosmetics, cellulose and detergent products have different types, each of which has its own use and places of use. Depending on the type of use, they are divided into two main categories:

1) Practical

2) Ordinary

Functional products include anti-wrinkle and whitening products, sunscreens, skin tanning products, etc., ordinary products also include other items. which includes accessories and tools, for example, razors are part of cosmetics, which are exported or imported and used in different countries. This product has a great variety and high potential and has many places of consumption.



3- Medicines and Medical Equipment

Pharmaceutical and health products include 258 items, which include about 5.2% of the total world trade. This figure is expected to reach nearly 3063 billion dollars in 2022 with an average annual growth of 11.3%, which indicates a bright horizon for the future of this industry.



4- Printing and Binding Derivatives (Books, Notebooks, etc.)

Exporting books on various subjects, notebooks and academic notebooks, due dates and desktop and wall calendars, posters and other printed products are among the most important export goals and have a very high added value.



5- Stationery

Stationery refers to a wide range of writing and office goods such as writing pencils, pens, pencil erasers, sharpeners, markers, rulers, etc. These goods have been classified by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, under the cover of the Office of Chemical and Cellulose Industries.

Fortunately, in recent years, the acceptance of foreign countries to use Iranian stationery has increased a lot. This level of acceptance is definitely due to the increase in the quality of such products. In addition, this has been done due to the increase in the variety of products, the desired quality and the creation of appropriate cultural platforms by using well-known Iranian symbols.



6- Packaging Supplies

Many factories in neighboring countries are engaged in the manufacturing of various industrial products, food, etc. In order to present their products to the market, they use appropriate and market-friendly packaging, which in most cases, the manufacturing of these packaging inside that country is not economically justified or the necessary facilities are not available. Therefore, they import their packaging materials.

"NewWorld International Holding in the Department" "World of Export and Import" takes orders from factories and manufacturing units and prepares or manufactures their packaging items at a very affordable price and delivers them to the target country.

Packing Items Include:

Types of cardboard boxes, fancy, tweed and laminate - cardboard cover - carton - types of cardboard cans with printed cover:




Types of printed plexi boxes:



Shrink - bubble nylon - restaurant containers, fast food and food containers - all kinds of plastic and metal containers - glass containers:


Manufacturing and manufacturing of industrial sacks and envelopes - cement and plaster bags:




7ـ Industrial Machines and Their Spare Parts



Industrial machinery refers to those very large metal parts that are produced in mobile and stationary types. These machines have different parts, some of them are movable and some are fixed. The source of fuel for industrial machines is very diverse and can be fossil, mechanical, electrical and even nuclear fuels.

With the help of this type of equipment in the industry, the high number of manpower is reduced and the quality and accuracy of the work is also increased. In addition, one of the other advantages of using industrial machines is increasing the level of manufacturing. These machines help in mass manufacturing and there is the ability to repeat manufacturing without the need to make changes in them. Industrial machines are not in one model and one type and have a wide variety in the market. In the categories considered for the export of all kinds of industrial machinery, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • Production line machines such as textile machines, press production line machines, extruder production line machines
  • Tools
  • Industrial machinery parts
  • Printing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Types of lifts
  • Machinery related to load weighing
  • Compressors
  • Turning, cutting and welding machines
  • Laboratory and medical devices
  • Road-building machines
  • Types of engines
  • Air conditioners


At NewWorld International Holding, the "World of Export and Import" department, we have provided you with the opportunity to design, manufacture and import them to the target country by specifying the exact specifications of the requested machines.



8- Services (Technology, Technical and Engineering, etc.)

Globalization is a process that brings countries closer and closer to each other. In today's economic relations, global trade does not mean only the export of goods, the export of services is another branch of export that is as important as the export of goods.

Exporting Services

We are not always going to send goods to other places; many countries are offering their services to other places. Exporting Services is a different form of export. In today's world, the importance of exporting services is as important as exporting goods. The countries of the world are not looking to buy goods, but they are looking to receive technical knowledge provided from other places. Exporting Services is an intangible type of export that mostly happens with brands. Brand-known countries are the biggest target for Exporting Services.

Exporting Services is a special type of export in which no physical goods are moved, in fact, it is professional, technical and specialized services and skills that are exported to other countries. In other words, in this way, he accepts and undertakes a project or economic activity abroad.


Types of Exporting Services

Exporting services can be done in different areas:

Project implementation, project design, project management, construction, transit, banking, construction consulting, knowledge consulting, software, computer, architecture, entertainment, medical services, tourism services, technical and engineering services and other related activities.

The Importance of Exporting Services

Perhaps in the past, exporting services seemed far-fetched and even impossible. But with the development of technology and information technology, a suitable platform for importing and exporting technical engineering services has been created in some parts of the world.

Exporting Services is the design, management, construction and implementation of a specific project abroad. This type of export itself is considered a subset of non-oil exports, in which expertise and work are usually traded instead of selling goods.

At NewWorld International Holding, we help you to export your products and services to countries that need these services and promote your brand in addition to foreign exchange income.

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Introducing NewNet Group

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Introducing NewNet Group


NewNet is one of the subsidiaries to New World International Holding and is considered as an environment in which software packages and a new generation of elements called web services would be used to observe and plan advertisements and marketing and to introduce, sell, and render services to dear clients in all business fields.

What is formation of NewNet aimed at?

You are in need of a marketing program to develop your business; and, a correct marketing program answers the following questions:

1- Who are your target customers?

2- How should you attract these target customers?

3- How to retain them as your permanent customers?

Considering globalization of virtual business world and electronic marketing as well as considerable increase of competition in the field among available businesses, there is a need for a professional and specific space through which the business could be spread and displayed in today’s competitive world

NewNet has begun its work to the aim of dealing with and satisfying basic and systematic requirements of all businesses with consideration of the newest standards of the world and according to each specialty and business in various public and private organizations and institutions.

NewNet is ready to provide you with services and to cooperate with you with reliance on its comprehensive experiments in terms of advertisement, Digital Marketing, and etc. Taking advantage of experienced experts, NewNet takes action for execution of your important software and hardware projects, professional website development, electronic marketing as well as rendering consulting services and performing promotion and marketing planning to improve your business.

  • If you are interested in your business boom;
  • If you want the highest profit to be resulted from your available capital and facilities;
  • If you are intended to know how to allocate highest market share to yourselves;
  • If you want your product, company, or store brand to be turned to a valid and known one in the market; and,
  • If you want to achieve a business method upon which customer would be chasing you instead of you chasing them.

How to make a business boom?

The problem with many of small and average size enterprises is their marketing and sale department. Company’s development requires formulated marketing and sale program and a powerful organization to execute marketing plans.

Using multiple devices, we are living in a world still focused on traditional and old methods to improve vision and traffic which in fact makes you losing an excellent opportunity. The gap along with the fact that probably you are one or several steps behind your competitors or have no contact with your clients is considered as too much for your business.

We are by your side to help you remain in economic cycle and business market and to promote your business growth and survival.

In case you take no action and make no change in your marketing and sales process; surely, you would be out of competition cycle.

The world requires you to take a new outlook regarding business. If taking no action and not making any changes in marketing and sales procedure of yours; surely, your will be out of competition cycle. Taking advantage of our experienced and expert team, we help you in achieving business development through implementation of new Digital Marketing methods; and, you will experience an unimaginable level of sales.

NewNet workgroup (Donyay-e Electronic) uses experts in IT field, with consideration of following mottos:

  • Use NewNet to renew your ideas;
  • Use NewNet to revive your profession;
  • Use NewNet to leave behind persistent steps;
  • Use NewNet to outpace professionals; and,
  • Use NewNet to make an unimaginable world of yours.

Newnet Competitive advantages

Provision of new business mechanisms;

  • Having records of providing business consultation;
  • Having quality control group;
  • Being a member of the country’s trade system;
  • Taking advantage of efficient and economic methods for cost saving in setting up the networks;
  • Providing high quality services to customers in creation and development of networks;
  • Continuous follow-ups to expedite orders;
  • Sustainable reliability with regard to suppliers;
  • Extended trust with regard to customers;
  • Are you making effort to find an appropriate platform for activity and growth of your business?
  • Are you in need of managing your relationships with customers and those in demand of your services?
  • Have you any planning for your future activities to analyze your business operation and to determine best way to achieve profit?
  • As a big community of consultants about every detail of Social Media and electronic marketing, we are ready to help you through different methods according to your requirements.

Digital Marketing services in NewNet are provided effectively. With consideration to growth made in usage made of Social Media and cyberspace as well as influence of media, digital and effective marketing has turned to one of the most powerful forms of marketing in Social Media.

NewNet provides effective marketing services for companies looking for help marketing their business with high efficiency and better performance.

Any approach with careful planning and determined value is short-term at best. NewNet is at your side with a rich variety of Digital Marketing to bring you closer to your business goals.


Our working method in NewNet group is briefly as follows:

Section 20- Site and SEO

20-1- Dedicated Website Design and Support for Your Website

20-2- Online Store (from design to revenue generation)

20-3- SEO

Section 21- Electronic Advertising

21-1- Advertising on Google (GoogleAdWords)

21-2- Digital Marketing

21-3- Advertising on Social Media

Section 22- Audio and Visual Advertising and Ads on Advertising Sites

22-1- Audio and Visual Advertisements

22-2- Ads insertion Site (Ads on advertising sites)

Section 23- Software and Office Automation

23-1- Exclusive Programming Software, Personalization of Software, Application, Multimedia

23-2- Administrative Automation (CRM)



Section 20- Site and SEO

20-1- Site

Designing web pages is one of the key factors for accepting businesses in the current world as well as e-commerce. Every site needs support and updating. NewNet is a professional site designer and 24-hour support for your site.

In the NewNet, specialized website design or its upgrade, troubleshooting along with content design and uploading, hosting and exclusive domain under your ownership, regular periodical services along with full training are done.

20-2- Online store

An online store is a website that offers a number of goods or services of any kind in its showcase. Customers can order the store to use those services or goods; and even pay for services or goods online.

20-3- SEO

Briefly, Seo is actions that lead to the visibility of the site in the first pages and rows of search engines. This process requires knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the biggest initial investment to optimize a site or a page. Millions of searches are performed by users on Google search engines every day. Placing your website at the top of Google results can have a great impact on user visits to the site and as a result attract new customers to your business.


Section 21 - Electronic Advertising

21-1- Advertisements on Google

GoogleAdWords is an online advertising tool that allows business owners to display their ad in Google search results to compete with their competitors. This type of advertisement is displayed based on the keywords that users search for and the history of their previous searches and each of these links can be linked to one of the pages of the desired website (landing page). Google advertising focuses on keywords. In this way, different businesses can create an ad using their desired keywords so that users can see this ad when they search for those keywords. You can usually see the term "Ad" in Google ads. By clicking on these links, users will be taken directly to the main website.


21-2- Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to any marketing of products and services that is done through electronic devices. Considering the ease and interest of the audience and users in the virtual space and receiving services from this platform, activities in this field are significantly important. So that many applicants for services and products judge you based on your business brand status in the virtual space and decide to communicate with you.

Digital Marketing services: 1- content marketing, 2- marketing through search engines or seo, 3- marketing through Social Media, 4- various campaigns (such as email marketing, advertisements, etc.)



21-3- Advertising in Social Media

It is a tool to get traffic and audience attention to your brand or business and it is a way to communicate with users online. NewNet is at your side with a rich variety of Digital Marketing to bring you closer to your business goals. You have to think beyond Google, and this is a difficult task that requires time and money. But if you depend on Google for your business, your business is at serious risk. We seek to offer you a new way in the digital world with extensive and innovative advertising. NewNet services in this section include: creating pages, creating content, promoting members, commenting, liking and advertising on the most visited pages in Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


22- Audio and Visual Advertising and Ads on Advertising Sites

22-1- Audio and Visual Advertisements

Advertisements are planned for the purpose of conveying advertising messages to the audience, and the most effective of them are television advertisements. Today, the media, especially the visual media, play an essential role in people's lives. The media have established their presence in many fields, including news, education, art, etc.

22-2- Ads insertion Site (Ads on advertising sites)

Popular sites that provide the possibility of advertising and placing ads, and people can search for their desired topic by choosing a simple click. If a person wants to start a business, it is suggested to introduce his products and advertise on popular sites.

Section 23- Software and Office Automation

23-1- Exclusive Programming Software, Personalization of Software, Application, Multimedia

The NewNet has a dedicated programming department for our dear customers, which is carried out in this group from the flowchart stage to the end of the implementation set according to the definition of the customer's needs. Another part of the software services of the NewNet is the customization of existing software according to the needs of customers. Application design and multimedia production is one of NewNet's specialized services.

23-2- Administrative Automation (CRM)

Office automation includes various software that are used to create, collect, store and change office information needed to perform the main tasks of the organization electronically. Raw data storage, electronic transmission and electronic business information management are the main activities of an office automation system. Office automation helps to automate and optimize the current procedures of organizations.



Administrative Automation (CRM)

Office Automation: You certainly acknowledge that the absence of office automation causes disorganization in your organization. You have definitely experienced that due to the large amount of work or the lack of proper communication between different units of the organization, work gets lost, as a result, we will guide you in the right way.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for managing an organization's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. A CRM system helps companies stay in touch with customers, streamline work processes, and improve profitability.

The purpose of CRM is simple: to improve business relationships. When people talk about CRM, they are usually referring to the system, a tool that helps with audience management, sales management, productivity and more. Nowadays, CRM training has become a vital discussion in organizations, especially in the customer service and sales department.

CRM can meet the needs of different people and groups. This customer relationship management software can be used by companies, freelancers and generally all people who need to manage their customers. The design of this CRM is very modern and beautiful, and using this software can give your activities a more professional look and help you improve your business process.

In CRM software, it is necessary that the main focus is on customers. In customer relationship management software, we see exactly the same issue. Customer relationship management software provides you with a professional support system that will allow you to track and resolve issues related to your customers. For example, you can set reminders for yourself or assign these reminders to your employees. In this way, the management of matters related to your customers will be done in an easier way and nothing will be forgotten.

Customer Relationship Management Capabilities:

  • Project management and invoicing
  • Ability to create professional invoices and invoices
  • Equipped with a powerful support system and technique
  • Ability to track the time spent on projects and receive fees based on the time spent
  • The possibility of assigning several employees to tasks and...
  • The possibility of creating a proposal and increasing sales
  • The possibility to record company or project expenses and convert them into invoices
  • Having customer management facilities
  • Equipped with built-in polls
  • Ability to pursue goals
  • It is possible to insert notices for employees and customers
  • The possibility of using the facilities related to closing the contract
  • The possibility of using custom fields
  • The possibility of using PayPal and Stripe with different currency units
  • Having multiple management settings
  • The possibility of adapting the system to the company's brand
  • Equipped with a separate media folder for non-management employees
  • Equipped with a calendar for employees based on access levels
  • The possibility of following many cases, reports, notes, files and...

 What parts does office automation include?

An office automation system consists of different parts and modules. Today, office automation systems have evolved and cover a wide range of organizational and extra-organizational activities, and for this reason, they include various modules, each of which includes parts of the processes or activities of an organization.


The main part of an office automation system is the part related to secretarial operations, including the processes of registration, referral, personnel folders and filing. This part is the basic core of these systems.

In this department, various operations are performed, from scanning, data entry, indicator registration, distribution and follow-up of received letters to drafting, circulation, signing, registration and printing of sent letters. In this part of office automation, many input and output tools are used such as scanner, printer, optical pen, fax modem, email server, etc.

Form builder and Form Circulation Engine

Letters are not the only documents of an organization and some correspondence of organizations circulate in the organization in the form of administrative forms and with a certain workflow. For this reason, another part has been added to the office automation systems, which is known as the form builder and form circulation engine.

This department has the task of designing all kinds of organizational forms and their circulation in the form of predefined workflows. Registering, maintaining and retrieving the information of these forms are completely managed in the administrative automation system.

Meeting Management and Organization

Planning meetings, work appointments, following up and managing them, and maintaining related documents are among the most important parts of an organization's administrative work, and it also takes a lot of time.

One of the departments of administrative automation should be dedicated to setting, recording and maintaining, holding and following up meetings and their documentation. This section usually includes work calendar, management of meetings and work escapes, management of activities and projects, etc.

Electronic Archive

With the passage of time and the increase in the number and volume of documents in the organization, there is a need for a tool to archive them. Many office automation systems also have a section as electronic archives and document management, which, in addition to maintaining and categorizing organizational documents, also provide the possibility of quick and easy search and access.

External Correspondence Portal

The provision of new communication platforms based on computer networks has made it possible for governments and organizations to reduce commuting costs and increase satisfaction and speed up the provision of services to clients, the possibility of sending and following up requests and administrative work in the foreign environment. Consider the organization as a requirement.

In order to respond to this requirement of organizations and in line with the project of honoring clients, the extra-organizational portal section has been added to the administrative automation systems today to provide the possibility of tracking correspondence outside the organization and for extra-organizational users.

Offline Cartable

Office automation has diversified according to the geographical distribution of organizations and the type of access to them. Some of them are accessible on the local network and others are web-based automation software.

In the web-based office automation system, the offline type is also considered for the parts of the software that are of particular importance, so that information can be obtained offline in situations where internet access is not possible at the optimal speed.

Among them, offline cartable can be mentioned. As the manager of an organization, you can browse your inbox at any geographical point and do things related to letters and update them in the first connection with the system.

Other parts have been gradually added to the administrative automation systems, each of which has been created to increase the mechanization of the work in the organization and facilitate the provision of internal and external services.

  • Message box
  • Short message sending system
  • The system of sending and receiving faxes and e-mails
  • Report maker

NewNet web-based administrative automation system, while organizing organizational processes, provides the possibility of conducting administrative correspondence electronically from any geographical point with high speed, ease of use and in a secure environment.

NewNet web-based administrative automation system by creating a suitable platform for registration and circulation of letters and all kinds of organizational forms, accurate follow-up, reporting of necessary actions and optimal management of meetings, while speeding up the process of intra-organizational correspondence. It also provides the possibility of extra-organizational electronic interaction. The collection of these facilities has been made using the best software production technologies, with simple use and high security.


A) Exclusive Programming

Programming is a tool or mechanism to communicate with the computer. Through programming, tasks can be specified for a computer system to perform. Programming is a profession and like all other professions, we will need tools to do it. For most jobs, the tools of the trade that an applicant must learn are fairly specific.

In programming, depending on the application and software you want to produce, there are different languages, frameworks and tools.

Most programming languages are similar in terms of structure and commands, and the purpose of all of them is to provide solutions (commands or structures) for the following tasks:

  • Navigation on the data (Loop)
  • Grouping of related codes (Class)
  • Reuse of codes (Function)
  • Data storage (Variable)

Each programming language has a specific field of application.

Introduction of programming languages

  • C
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby

In the NewNet group, there is a specialized programming department with a long history, which prepares the initial flowchart, programming, implementation and support of the software depending on your needs.

The cost of software depends on the number of programmers, the duration of the project, tools, hardware and software used.

B) Personalization of software

Personalizing ready-made software is to adjust that software based on the functionality you have intended for it and your tastes, these customizations can include general structures or news and taste changes such as: color, light shade, etc.

C) Application

What is the application and what does it mean?


From the programs you have on your mobile phone, you do many of your tasks on a daily basis through the facilities of these programs. These programs in your phone are called applications, which are heard a lot these days. It is necessary to clearly explain the concept of the application to you and introduce its types to you.

Application types:

1- What is an Android application?

Android Operating System

The Android operating system was built based on the core of the Linux operating system, and the management of this operating system along with the connection with the hardware and system services, security, process management, and resource management of the mobile device is handled by the Linux operating system core, and the Android operating system is just like A layer communicates between the user and the operating system. This operating system is designed for mobile phones and smartphones and is supported by more than 30 famous companies. Considering that the true meaning of Android is Open, it allows programmers to use all the power of a mobile phone. Android allows programmers to use the internal functions of the mobile phone such as dialing, sending SMS or using the phone's camera, so that they can create a powerful and practical Android application for users.

Android Application

In other words, the Android mobile software is a tool by which the user can perform the activities he needs depending on the user of this application.

To download the mobile application, depending on the platform, there are stores where you can download these tools from these stores. To download the Android application, you can download this Android software through Google's Android application store or the so-called Play Store. These Android applications may be provided for free or paid depending on the manufacturer.

2- What is an IOS Application?

IOS Operating System

iOS is an operating system for mobile devices, the first and only generation of Apple's operating system for mobile and portable devices. It was introduced by Apple in 2007 and was known as iPhone OS before 2010. iPod touch, iPhone and iPad tablet support this operating system and Apple company does not give the license to use this operating system to any other company.

IOS Application

The iOS application uses four layers in its design, which includes:

  • Media layer
  • Core service layer
  • Kernel layer of the operating system
  • Touch layer

 ios is very similar to Macos operating system in terms of architecture and functionality. In ios, like Macos, the Safari browser is used to browse the web and the iTunes software is used to play music and manage books, phone books and applications. One of Apple's successes in building this operating system is the launch of the App Store.

Step-By-Step Tutorial on Making a Mobile Application

If you have a great idea for making an application in your brain and you don't know how to implement it, stay with us and we will teach you the steps of making an application.

The First Step: Determine the Goal

In this step, without using technology, just answer the following questions with a pen and paper:

  • What exactly does the application do?
  • How do you want to attract the opinion of users?
  • What problem can be solved with this application?
  • How does it make people's lives easier?
  • How do you want to market your app?



The Second Step: Design Your Ideas

You have to design the plans you have in mind. For example, specify whether you want to use in-app ads or not. Are you offering the app for free or paid? You can also offer an option for in-app payments. Make sure you design the ideas well.

The Third Step: Search and Research as Much as Possible

You should research your app idea as much as you can. I know you think you have a great idea, but do some searching; maybe someone has already tried it. Now you have two options. One is to implement your idea without checking your competitor and probably one of you will be destroyed in two or three years; Or to check the weaknesses and strengths of the competitor. Read user reviews about it and use this information to your advantage. Now, with the new information you have obtained, repeat steps one and two.

After refining your idea, search the internet and make sure your idea is feasible. Check the copyright restrictions, etc. so that you don't waste your time on an impossible idea.

Finally, focus on sales and marketing research. Determine how you want to monetize your app. Which group is your target market? Children, teenagers, teachers, actors or any other group; by defining the target market, you can make your idea more precise.

The Fourth Step: Wireframe

In this step, you should design a complete visual guide of your application. By doing this, your idea becomes clearer and tangible. For this you can use sites like https://wireframe.cc/ and http://visio.microsoft.com/.


The Fifth Step is to specify the Back End of your application:

In this step you need to specify your servers, APIs and data graphs. It is important that the diagrams are clear, as you will use them as guidelines throughout the project.

The Sixth Step: Check Your Model

Share your app preview with your friends, family, and anyone you want to find out the weak points of the app; don't waste your time with people who say, "Wow, great job." The goal at this stage is to finalize the structure of the program.

The seventh Step: Making

You can start building the application. Set up servers, databases, and APIs. Do not forget to reflect the feedback you received in the previous step in the application.

The Eighth Step: User Interface Design

At this stage, the designers design the graphical interface of the application. The user interface is a very important part of the application. You have to attract the viewer with designs. Pay attention that the user interface should be based on the tastes of the target market, not on your own!

The Ninth Step: Test the Application

In this section, you should test the performance of the application both in terms of structure and user interface. You need to do a lot of testing to make sure all parts of the app are working properly. Pixate and Proto.io are good platforms for testing your application. They will help you review all the layers, interactions and designs of your app.

The Tenth Step: Modification and Adjustment

Now that the application has found its perfect form, you should go back and check the application again. Ask the same people who previously reviewed the application to review it again and give their feedback. Finally, make any other changes you think are necessary.

The Eleventh Step: Testing the Beta Version

Now you have to test the program in a real environment. You can easily test your application on different devices. If the application is Android, you can easily view and check it on Android devices. If it is an ios application, you will need to use a platform called Test Flight.

The Twelfth Step: Publish Your Application

Now that you've built your app, you need to publish it. I hope you have solved a big problem by making this application. You can easily add your application to the Android store. Your application will be placed on Google Play immediately. If you want to publish your application in the Apple Store, your application will be reviewed by the Apple team and you may be able to see it in the App Store as well.

If you are concerned about your app on different devices, you can publish it to Pre-Apps first. This will help you ensure that your app is compatible with different devices.

But this is not the end! Perhaps the thirteenth step can be considered as marketing. In order to sell your app, you need to have plans for marketing.

The NewNet group has an application design and support department, and according to the scenario proposed by the client and discussion sessions, the applications are designed and after testing, uploading, supporting and updating.

Some features of applications designed in NewNet are as follows:

  • Membership and forgetting SMS password
  • Coordination with multiple vendors
  • Coordination with Affiliate system
  • The ability to change all app texts by yourself (even in other languages)
  • The infinity of creating a menu, creating home page elements and...
  • Having an advanced and dedicated statistician (display of online users, searched words, most visited, online user position, etc.)
  • Build unlimited sliders
  • Create unlimited elements based on categories and tags
  • Create unlimited full-page or half-page advertising banners
  • Create amazing product elements with timers
  • Ability to delete all default elements
  • Display the list of main categories along with the index image
  • Displaying sub-categories in a distinctive and attractive style
  • The possibility of displaying the list of products in two ways
  • Ability to filter products
  • Show product features
  • Display the seller's name
  • Show product rating
  • Ability to share the product
  • Ability to add to the favorites section
  • Display the number of visits in the app
  • Show related products
  • Comment system
  • The possibility of using a wallet
  • Sending unlimited notifications
  • Display the number of installed apps
  • Show mobile users in the management section
  • and etc.

The cost of designing and other additional services of the application will be determined and announced after a complete review of the customer's request and the amount of time required and the number of programmer personnel.

D) Multimedia

What is Multimedia?

The meaning of the word multimedia is multimedia, but the meaning of this word is to convey a concept and purpose to the audience using computers, advertisements and their audio and visual elements. Multimedia, as mentioned at the beginning, is a collection of multiple media such as audio, photos, content, etc. with a large volume. The presentation method is in the form of CD, DVD, CD card, flash, flash card, etc. Multimedia exists in two forms: dynamic (with coding, searchable, listable, and sortable) and static, and runs automatically or automatically, and has many images and videos with effects and music.

Multimedia has many titles such as CD card, electronic business card, electronic catalog, multimedia CD, advertising CD, etc. Multimedia was unknown and had no use before the advent of computers and Windows. This word is a new word that became a technology after the Windows 95 operating system appeared.


Multimedia Products

Educational Multimedia: Educational Multimedia Software is software in which all the tools are used to create an attractive and motivating environment for communication with the audience and to teach them educational matters in the form of communication with the user.

Advertising multimedia: This multimedia is used to introduce the services of a company or organization. By using animation, sound, image, etc., you can achieve the advertising goal of the desired company.

Applied Multimedia: This software includes all audio and video software whose capabilities can be used in various cases

Use of Multimedia

- Providing business services of a company to fully introduce the company's services and provide instructions for its use

- Introducing organizations, companies and their processing and control systems in the form of virtualization

- Providing all the information of the desired company in the form of audio, photos, etc.

- Presenting the book electronically

- Animation, advertising banner

We at NewNet's specialized mother group, having a software department, do all matters related to the design and support of multimedia types with the best and highest efficiency at the peak of beauty for you, dear customer, as soon as possible. The cost of multimedia design and support will be announced after observing and studying the amount of information and scenarios requested by customers.

Ads insertion Site (Ads on advertising sites)

Features of Internet Advertising Sites

Naturally, these features are important for everyone, because every advertiser is looking for the best result from his internet advertising, which is to increase the number of visits to his website or blog and also to increase his profit. After checking various sites, we list these features in the following order:

1- Proper classification of ads

2- The structure of URLs: The more readable the structure of the URLs (The bar at the top of your browser is called the URL. The same thing that is sometimes referred to in simpler language as the site address.), and the better they display the categories, the more successful the site will definitely be.

3- The level of navigation on the site: it means the level of difficulty of navigating the site. The site should be such that the user can easily access different categories of advertisements.

4- Support: Of course, no site can survive without support. Internet advertising sites are one of the sectors that need strong programming support team and user guidance. Many sites never respond to users' emails, and sometimes we have to spend 3 days or even more to approve the ad.

5- Using the description tag: The description tag is very important in improving the page rank in the search results. Using this tag in the ad structure increases its value


6- The possibility of inserting a link: We consider this to be a great advantage, because it can direct the user visiting the ad directly to your site.

Top 18 Ad Sites

This list, which has been selected from more than 100 sites, can be your best guide in doing internet advertising on advertisement sites.

1.Iran Tejarat

7.Pars Center

13.Agahi 24


8.Niaz e Rooz







16.Novin tabligh
5.Niazp ardaz

11.Niaz mandyha

17.Post Agahi

6.Pack Center

12.Tookan 18.1 Eshareh

Important points when posting ads on advertising sites

Membership in all these sites is free, and after entering the site, you should look for a button or a link called "Membership" or "Register".

  • Try to announce a link where you collect the e-mail address and name of your site visitor, i.e. the link of the page you have planned to register the e-mails of your site users.
  • Try to make the ad short and attractive. Of course, short does not mean that it should be two or three lines, which means not to exaggerate.
  • Place your ad in the most relevant category.
  • Return to the site at regular intervals after posting the ad and update your ad.
  • Choose the title of the ad with keywords related to the topic of the ad and also use keywords in the text of the ad.

Examining examples of advertising sites

Iran Tejarat:

Iran Tejarat with the address http://iran-tejarat.com allows you to insert free advertisements in both ways of product supply and site introduction. With the help of this site, you can easily introduce and sell your goods and services or put a link to your site so that interested customers can visit your site and make purchases from your site.

The Iran Tejarat website allows you to add photos and text to describe products and services. Like all free advertising sites, using this site as spam will lead to the deletion of your message. In general, from 2014 onwards, it is better to choose an effective text for your goods and services instead of spam ads and invite customers who want to use our goods and services to your site with a link to the site.


1Eshareh site with the address: https://www.1eshareh.com provides users with the possibility of posting free internet ads. This site was created with the aim of creating a business system for business owners, industries and independent people who intend to advertise their products or services through virtual space. With this tactic, you may first order a free ad to this site, but after seeing its feedback, you will definitely upgrade your ad to a paid ad.


At the address www.niazpardaz.com, this site has also created a type of job bank or goods bank with the possibility of registering ads. All the features of an advertising site such as inserting photos, inserting text, inserting links, etc. can also be seen on this site.


It is one of the oldest ad acceptance sites that support all ad methods, and to send an ad to this site, visit http://istgah.com.

In the NewNet group, a complete package with 24-hour support and case updates is considered for advertising on advertising sites with high SEO in your keywords. Just contact our consultants to get the best offer.


Audio and Visual Advertisements

A) Introduction:

Targeted advertising is advertising that is planned to deliver an advertising message (or messages) to an audience. Among the targeted advertising methods, audiovisual advertising is considered one of the most effective advertising. For this type of advertising, an advertising teaser should be created according to the type of product or service. It is not enough that you only advertise in video media! You must advertise correctly and professionally.

Visual Advertising Techniques

Successful brands use visual advertising techniques to not only sell their products, but also encourage consumers to adopt a certain lifestyle. When a company's website enhances our state of mind and goes beyond providing information to create an experience, our perception of a brand changes. Meaning we can even get emotionally invested in it. This positive feeling increases our brand attachment, which in turn makes us loyal customers and refers our family members and friends to that brand. Knowing that buyers often make decisions through emotions; Depending on how challenging their ad campaign is, digital and traditional advertisers use specific techniques to influence the opinions of buyers. Therefore, successful brands don't just tell consumers to buy their products; they encourage them to make decisions based on emotions. To help you understand the basic mechanisms that work well in attracting customers, here are nine visual advertising techniques.

1- Choosing the Right Color

Color is powerful, because it can affect our purchase feeling. Choosing the right color in your design and advertising plans plays a very important role in the success of your visual campaigns. Choosing the right color requires psychological understanding. How each light shade affects your visual design? However, there is no universal ideal color scheme for a general audience or even a specific socio-cultural group. What has been obtained from relevant studies is that color affects the decision-making process of buyers.

Advertisements, posters and billboards use color. to attract the attention of the audience. Different colors evoke different emotions in the audience. For example, in advertising, red and yellow colors are used for a specific reason, while red evokes excitement. (And it can even increase the heart rate.) Yellow stimulates happiness and optimism.

2- Repetition of Advertisements

Repetition is used in advertising as a way to keep a brand or product at the forefront of consumers' minds. Repetition can create brand familiarity. But it can also lead to consumer fatigue. To be effective, repetition must be used sparingly, because too much repetition can be a negative advertising strategy. Advertisers can create a sense of product and brand familiarity by reusing specific images, such as a logo. Repetition is one of the most powerful visual advertising techniques; because it is a good way to make consumers aware of the existence of the brand. But it should be used wisely and appropriately. Because it may end up causing consumers to hide unwanted ads from their news feed or unsubscribe from their email list.

3- Establishing a Direct Gaze

Another powerful visual advertising technique is Direct Gaze. This is the most difficult task. Because the main character of your visual media needs to fully believe in the brand message in order to be effective. Use the experiences of advertisers who use prominent figures to promote your brands or products. In the direct gaze, the audience can detect even the slightest doubt, doubt or fear.  As a result, it considers the ad unreliable. On the other hand, the direct look at the prominent personality extends the world of online and offline advertising. In real life, direct gaze is a prominent social cue that plays an important role in social interaction and communication. Directly looking at a person includes the demand or request and also expects a response. The same principle applies even to still images.

4- Body Language

Body language is the non-verbal signals and signs used in advertising. Advertiser and marketer both use this technique in every aspect of product and brand promotion.

Coordinated and skillful use of movements, positions, expressions and facial movements will lead viewers to buy your product and promote your brand.

5- Composition

This particular method refers to the arrangement or placement of visual elements in a particular work of art. Simply put, composition should be done with the overall organization and order of elements in a visual design project.

6- Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a basic composition technique which is done by dividing the image vertically and horizontally using an imaginary grid. According to this technique, important elements should be placed at the intersections of horizontal and vertical lines.

7- Vectors

This technique refers to the path your eye follows when looking at a particular image ad. Designers intentionally redirect read paths using vectors. For example, if all objects in an image are tall, long, and straight, our eye follows these straight vectors to the top of the frame. Vector lines guide our eye to the most important information in an advertisement.

Vectors are often seen in media advertising campaigns in the form of advertisements, billboards, and web ads. The inclusion of photography in advertising media depends on the theme, product, image, direction and general look and feel of the advertising marketing campaign.

8- Focal Point

Most ads use this technique to provide a distinct and eye-catching focal point instead of prominent points competing for attention. Focal points are used to emphasize the most important part of the design. Focal points are created by using contrasting colors or shapes and using white space. A successful design is one that uses strong, linear focal points to direct the viewer's eye to the most important element of the design.

9- Symbolism

Symbolism is another visual advertising technique used to represent a specific brand, a company, and one or more (often complex) ideas. By using symbolism, advertisers can link a deeper meaning or message to the selling power of a product. For example, crystals, gemstones, or diamonds are often paired with water, both of which represent clarity and purity. Some other common symbols include an open road which represents freedom and exploration; and the lion, which represents power, superiority and glory. Colors can also be used to represent emotions: for example, red symbolizes love and passion; Green represents life and health; and black represents sexuality and seduction.

The most important reason for the success of advertising, especially visual advertising, is the intelligent use of appropriate visual advertising techniques. In this way, regardless of the media you use - TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc. - you must use a method that shows both the advantages and benefits of using your products and services and with customers. You make an emotional connection.

b) Stages of creating commercials (stages of creating different types of content) Studio RADN

Generally, the cost of making advertising teasers is high, so in making them, you should use the utmost creativity and initiative to convey the message of the advertisement as well as possible.

The types of content are:

(A) Real: News, Fun (Comedy), Scientific and...

Real advertising teaser is a kind of advertising teasers in which real elements of the scene are photographed. In photographing and directing this type of advertisement teaser, you can photograph the scene that may be a company, factory, production, etc., and you can use the actor in the teaser according to the written scenario. Most of the advertisements in TV and virtual media are broadcast, they are real teasers. The content of real teasers can be news, fan (comedy), scientific, documentary, etc.

(B) Animation:

Today, animated programs, with their presence in television programs, advertisements, and the Internet, as well as computer games, have taken over, if not the entire visual world, at least half of this world. For this reason, large companies, some of whose shares reach several million dollars, always try to produce and sell animation programs based on the needs of society. The field of animation was created almost 10 years after the emergence of cinema as the eighth art, and today it is called as a profitable industry. In a simple and concise way, the science of animation is the science by which images are created using computer devices and software and various methods which has different aspects such as depicting human imagination, advertising, entertainment for children (cartoons) and showing and promoting cultural issues.

The contents are created in two forms: teasers and industrial films, each of which has its own charms and uses.

(A) Teaser

The types of teasers are:

1- Advertising teaser 2- Television teaser 3- Radio teaser 4- Subtitle

1- Advertising Teaser:

Teaser in the term refers to a behavior that creates a sense of curiosity in the viewer by presenting a topic, but in general, an advertising teaser is a technique to introduce products and services in visual and audio media. Advertising teasers usually stimulate the viewer's curiosity at first.

Nowadays, advertising teaser design is used as the most effective advertising method in the world. All these large and small companies and businesses are looking to become a brand so that they can present their products and services beyond the borders of their country, but becoming a brand requires the employment of advertising specialists and professional marketers and all of them are looking for a way to attract customers and a way for effective advertisements that stay in their minds in the shortest time. Making a smart advertising teaser is more effective than thousands of photos and hours of speech and can stay in the audience's mind. Advertising teasers are known as an important and main element in awareness, persuasion and reminding of customers about products, brands, services and companies and large and small businesses.

Uses of Promotional Teasers:

You can use the promotional teasers made for you anywhere and promote your brand. Below are some of the most common places to show teasers:

  • Teaser show in mass media such as TV and radio and...
  • Teaser screening in exhibitions
  • Displaying ads in conferences and seminars
  • Broadcasting of advertising films in the organization's waiting and rest rooms
  • Broadcasting in public and specialized video media for advertising purposes
  • Play between movies and home series
  • Film production in order to report the performance of the organization
  • Broadcasting of films on advertising monitors in cities
  • Use in hotels and halls
  • Use in educational videos
  • Use in Social Media
  • Use on video sharing websites
  • Use on the company's website

2- TV Teaser

Producing a teaser requires spending a lot of money and time. Therefore, using different techniques and methods, teasers should be designed and produced that have the necessary effectiveness. In general, teaser production includes three main stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Preparation of the scenario or screenplay, selection of actors, filming, sound recording, editing, etc. are among the steps that are taken in the production of a teaser.

Strategy, creativity and execution are three key elements in the success of a teaser. Successful teasers are perfect in terms of adopting a strategy. They have a creative concept and are well executed.

Choosing the ad format, like choosing the tone and style of the ad, is a part of the creative strategy. There are different formats that are used in teasers. Some teasers use a certain format and some use several formats. What is important is to choose a format that can properly convey the message of the ad and establish a close relationship with the viewer. Choosing a template depends on how and for what purpose we want to use it.

3- Radio Teaser

To prepare radio teasers, just like television teasers, it is necessary to prepare things like people's dialogues before preparing and recording them.

In fact, it can be said that to work with any team, you first present your advertising theme. In the next stage, it is the advertising team that starts to prepare ideas and creative. These two steps are actually the prerequisites of the three main steps. The three main stages are pre-production, production and post-production.

In the pre-production stage, a kind of simulation actually takes place. In fact, all the dialogues and etc. are executed and the team makes sure of the correctness of the design and dialogues and etc. This stage is implemented because large sums of money are usually spent to prepare these teasers, so people don't want to have any problems after doing it. The next step is production, which is very clear, during which the desired teaser is recorded. The next stage of preparing the teaser is "post-production". During this stage, after recording the video, montage actions are performed on it. This stage takes place under the supervision of the director, during which any necessary corrections are made.

4- Subtitle

Subtitle: It is the text of the words or translation of a movie, music video, series, etc., written in other languages (for the deaf and hard of hearing and sometimes for language training) by the speakers of the show, and usually appears below the video. Each time the actors' conversation is played in sync.

Types of Subtitles:

Subtitles are recorded in two ways, called hardsub and srt method, which is placed in a separate subtitle file. In newer movie formats such as mkv and mp4, it is possible to attach multiple subtitles to the movie, which the viewer can choose or disable if he wishes.

Subtitles are generally known with the suffix srt, although they are also available with other extensions such as smi, sub/idx, etc., but the most basic and common type of subtitle is srt. How to read these subtitles on the computer is done by professional movie playback software - km player - pot player - vlc, which are among the most famous and high quality playback software.


How to make a teaser?

  • Describe your ad audience using demographics and psychology.
  • Determining whether this audience views the content.
  • Determine how to position your brand/product.
  • Determining the company's goals for these promotions
  • Identification of advertising channel and format
  • Preparing the initial text of the ad
  • Add persuasive messages to your original text
  • Customize your brand design, advertising channel and advertising format
  • Subtitle teaser design

Making a promotional teaser includes three main steps:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post production

One of the most important components that must be done in the production of an advertising teaser is preparing a scenario or screenplay, choosing actors, filming, dubbing, editing, etc. Meanwhile, the main success factors of a teaser are:

  1. Strategy or the method of presenting and transmitting the advertising message
  2. Innovation or creativity in displaying the advertisement message
  3. Implementation method

The main purpose of creating a teaser is to convey the advertising message. Sometimes a teaser has one message and sometimes it has several messages. When a teaser has an advertising message, it usually directs all targeting and audience questions to the answer, which is the advertising message. But when your teaser has several messages, you should measure the nature of the messages and use a creative strategy and scenario to introduce the messages in the teaser.

It is also important to choose a working template when making a teaser. The meaning of ad format is choosing the tone and style of the ad. These parts are a subset of strategy. There are various formats for making teasers, which are used based on the type of product, the history and approach of the advertising company, and the advertising message.

Some teasers have a specific format (short teasers) and some teasers have several related formats (long teasers). Among the most popular forms of making teasers, we can mention the story, drama, confirmation, humor, etc. In making a television and radio commercial, all the above should be considered important, but the most important factor is creativity. A smart advertiser chooses his target well, identifies his audience correctly and then hits the target center! Usually, the teasers made before the main release are shown in a small audience to get feedback. After solving the possible problems, the teaser is prepared for the main screening and finally, after purchasing the screening space, it will be screened.

The main Features of a Successful Teaser:

  1. Using conceptual and creative ideas
  2. Using visual appeal in making teasers
  3. Using the appropriate speed to transmit the advertisement message
  4. Creating a teaser based on the needs of the audience, not the taste of the employer

4 Key Features of Promotional Teasers

Advertising teasers need features to attract the audience and engage the audience's mind even for a few seconds. Without these features, the teaser will be just an expense with the least effectiveness for the business!

1- Conceptual and Creative Ideas

Behind every advertising teaser is a goal and an idea, and it is the scenario of the teaser that determines the method of expressing the idea. If you want to have effectiveness and attractiveness in your advertising teaser at the same time, think about designing and producing creative and intelligent advertising teasers.


2- Visual and Auditory Beauty and Appeal

An advertising teaser without observing the aesthetic aspects, no matter how much it has to say, will not be noticed in the end!

3- Focused on the Audience

Before making and producing targeted advertising teasers, the audience's mental and personality model is fully examined in order to use all the characteristics and elements of attraction to get closer to the audience's mental model.

4- Fast and On Time

What is the best time to present your business teasers? Time management from the beginning to the production of promotional teasers will be an important factor in their effectiveness.

Narration of the text in radio advertising teasers / advertising with pleasant and expensive sounds

Todays, advertising messages reach the audience through different channels, the most common of which is radio and television. In radio, we only have the audience's ears, while in television; we can use all the visual elements and present the content of the message in different formats.

This impact of sound is much greater in radio, because it is only sound and text that prompts us to listen. Apart from the importance of the text of the teaser and the features that must be observed in its writing, as well as the scene and images (in TV messages) and the speaker's voice - which provides the most important information to the audience - is of great importance as far as advertisement producers are concerned. They rarely take risks and use new voices, and they often use familiar voices that guarantee work efficiency, and therefore the narration on commercial announcements is entrusted to voice actors who have a familiar voice for the audience. It is the understanding and understanding of the speaker that in this work, how he should adjust the tone and rhythm of his voice and use the strength, firmness and dignity in his voice according to the text. It should be said that the speaker of an advertisement is actually the creator of the melody of the word. With his voice, he makes the music of words, which is very important." Finally, all factors in the production of a teaser work to achieve a goal, so whatever is effective in this effect can be included in the work, and there is no fixed rule in this case.


People Trust Familiar Voices

The experts in this field unanimously believe that factors such as the tone of the speaker, accentuation (emphasis and highlighting) on some words in order to convey a specific meaning to the audience, resonance of the voice, creating a nostalgic feeling in the listener through expressive techniques, comprehensibility of the words and pronouncing the sentences correctly , the acceptability of the messenger's personality in the eyes of the public, the speaker's inner belief in the message he is going to advertise, and avoiding lies and unrealistic presentation of the product, and the presence of sincerity in the advertiser's voice are among the things that can be done in addition to a good scenario and the use of appropriate music. Create a suitable sound environment for a teaser and provide the reasons for its success. 


8 key Points for Making a Teaser:

1- Focus on the audience instead of the product

The difference between advertising teaser and other types of advertising is that the characteristics of the product are not easily available to the audience. In audiovisual advertising, instead of focusing on showing the main product itself, focus your attention on the target audience.

2- Have a creative idea

Today's audience is very smart and attentive and stops watching when they see repetitive and boring content. One of the most obvious features of a good advertising teaser is having a new and pure idea. In the meantime, your mission to introduce and introduce your product or service is to prepare content for your teaser that is both visual and informative for the new audience so that they take the time to watch it. Otherwise, if you have copied other common ideas and do not have a different look at your product, it is pointless to expect others to see your product ads differently.

3- Add some ambiguity to the teaser

You may feel that people get confused if they don't understand something completely. But sometimes this is the opposite of reality, and adding a little ambiguity and mystery to the advertising teaser makes the viewer's mind curious and looking for the next events. Or even watch the video several times to learn something from it. The general purpose of the advertising teaser is to attract the attention of the audience so that he does not realize it. Show the story in such a way that it remains half-finished or creates a question mark in the audience's mind. Or prepare your teasers serially and publish them in stages.

4- Publish promotional teasers on Social Media

The whole reason for introducing or launching the product is to attract the attention of the audience as much as possible. For new businesses that don't have that much budget for advertising, TV ads may seem a bit heavy. Fortunately, today there are enough channels and Social Media with a high audience and they are considered the best platform for publishing promotional teasers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all suitable for your advertising teaser campaign. It is better to publish your campaign teaser about 20 to 30 days before the product launch so that it has the right time to influence the audience and create the right brainstorm.

5- Manage the promotional teaser time

It has been scientifically proven that people's attention span is formed in the first 8 seconds. This means that the audience will watch your video for about 8 seconds, and if it doesn't catch their attention during this time, they will skip it. The important point here is that you have 8 seconds to attract the user's attention or encourage him to continue watching the teaser, so try to include your interesting points and key points in the first 8 seconds and avoid dodging.

6- Take advantage of influencer marketing

Influencers are influential people in Social Media who have a large number of followers. With some fee, you can sign a contract with them to place your teaser on their page and see more of your ads. Don't forget that some pages have built their pages only with fake followers. Try to contract with well-known people with high engagement rates. Another thing to keep in mind is the compatibility of the desired influencer's page with your product. Consider the sphere of activity of the influencers and choose the most relevant influencer with the product so as not to fail to attract the attention of the relevant target market.

7 - Use the countdown

Use the countdown before releasing the promotional teaser. Almost a new feature that Instagram has also used in its stories and you can take advantage of it. Using a countdown has two advantages:

  • It increases the excitement of product unveiling
  • It acts like a reminder and informs the audience about the exact time.

Our goal in the advertising teaser stage is to keep the audience's mind awake about the product without talking about the essence of the product or its features.

8- Use a combination of media

Naturally, each business chooses the desired media for broadcasting its advertising teaser depending on its budget. If you are a big business and have a high advertising budget, broadcast the teaser through different media, from broadcasting on TV to city and intercity billboards to Social Media and even your brand's podcast. Use all the desired platforms, because the audiences of these platforms may be different from each other, and in this way, you have made your voice heard by more people.

Stages of Making a Teaser

1- Be careful in making the first few seconds

The beginning of your video is very important. In order not to lose your customers, do not put any button to click. Try to start your video ad with a statement to appeal to those in your target market. Try to get your audience interested in the first few seconds. To achieve this goal, you can start your promotional teaser by asking a question or share a topic that makes your brand stand out. In some cases, you'll find that video ads can be made with just a few images, so it's important to start your ad with a compelling image to encourage viewers to continue watching your video.

2- Highlight the things that distinguish your brand from others

In your advertising teaser, say why your brand is unique and different from others! Share your achievements. Even put the comments of your customers in your advertisement. The more you highlight the benefits of your brand, the more effective your promotional teaser will be.

3- Be sensitive to the timing of your advertising teaser.

Avoid turning a promotional teaser into a documentary. Most advertising videos are 30 seconds or less. Consider this optimal length when creating the script for the video. Of course, it is necessary to explain that in some cases, the use of long advertising videos can also be effective. For example, if you have a story related to your brand or you want one of the company's people to speak in your advertising teaser; a long video would be ideal. In any case, do not have unnecessary content in the promotional teaser. Keep in mind that you need to convey the message as quickly as possible and make viewers eager to watch the promotional teaser.

4- Tell viewers why they should choose you.

After watching the promotional teaser, viewers should understand why they should choose you. What makes your products or services the "right choice"? It is very important to tell the viewers the reasons for choosing you over your competitors in the promotional teaser and emphasize them.

5- Tell the ways of communication in your advertising teaser.

The purpose of any advertisement is to encourage viewers to use the products and services of that brand. Your ads must be different! We suggest that the way your customers communicate with you be filmed or introduced through text and graphics. The ideal situation is to add links at the end of the video. For example, how to visit your website for more information, how to participate in discounts, how to buy products and benefit from services should be described.

B) What is an industrial film or documentary? | Applications and production method

An industrial film or documentary is actually a video that fully shows the various stages of producing a product or providing a service, and in addition, it may show the evolution of the company or institution or factory in question and the expansion of the production line, the quality control process, the products, the team of experts, the office environment, the different departments of the company, distribution and marketing, how to interact with customers and the competitive advantages of the company or factory are displayed. Industrial film does not only include the product line.

Watching an industrial documentary for a person is just like visiting your company, institution or factory and getting to know your history, team of experts and your work process. You can share any conversation you have with your audience in this movie. You can even plan and then edit the sound of this clip to be suitable for broadcasting on the radio or making an audio podcast. The purpose of making industrial films and documentaries is to show how the goods or services are offered and to show the salient and positive points and competitive advantages. Displaying these items will attract the trust of customers as well as business partners and will display your true credibility. Therefore, the industrial documentary is actually a supplement for your advertising and marketing activities, because it attracts all audiences with any level of knowledge and any situation and builds trust. Of course, the industrial documentary has many differences from the advertising teaser. The most obvious difference is that the teaser time may be even less than 15 seconds, while the shortest industrial documentary time is 3 minutes. Industrial documentary has a slow rhythm and during that, the history of the company, different spaces and departments, the way the product is produced, the staff of experts, the characteristics of the services, the awards and honors of the company, the vision of the company and many other things are displayed and even explained by the speakers.



What is the use of documentary and industrial film?

Many industries may need to produce documentary and industrial film in order to showcase their real capabilities, develop work and effectively communicate with their customers and colleagues, including: factories, industrial workshops, production lines, refineries, power plants, chemical industries, industries food, cosmetics production laboratories, decoration industries, automobiles, household appliances, restaurants and hotels, construction projects, cultural and entertainment complexes, service companies, offices, government organizations, hospitals and clinics, banks and financial institutions and commercial centers.

But where will the created video be displayed? The created video can be used in many different places. including placing the relevant DVD in the product pack or presenting it to customers who receive services from you, showing the video in public places, presenting the video in seminars and conferences, showing it in internal and external exhibitions, presenting it in board meetings and internal organizations, And of course, showing on TV, the company's personal website or other sites for advertising purposes.

Advantages of Making Industrial Film

  • Creating a different feeling in customers and business partners towards your product
  • Increase your credit score and attract trust
  • Improving customer service for your products and services
  • Having an opportunity to showcase the specific and unique benefits of your company that are not directly visible in products and services alone. Such as quality control, work order, cooperation with big business partners, team of experts and...
  • Describe the specific benefits of your product or service
  • Creating an opportunity for all your contacts to visit your company in person and see all the different parts of the company and how to provide services or produce products.
  • Having a powerful promotional video that can be presented to customers, colleagues or business partners and also used for screening at seminars, conferences and exhibitions.


First of all, we need to know what makes your work unique and what are your differences and advantages over other businesses. Then the initial scenario related to how to prepare the film is written and approved by you. The written scenario is made using imaging, photography or even the necessary sound recordings. The time required for filming may be between 5 hours and two days, depending on the type of video selected. Filming is done in HD to get the best possible output. Finally, the video is edited and compiled by our experts, and the necessary graphics or sounding are also done on it and it is delivered to you in the form of a DVD.

NewNet offers the following plans for making teasers (animation, real) and industrial films:

Promotional teaser

Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Golden Plan













Animation character design
















The fees are per second and other items can be added depending on the request of the employer.

C) Holding a press conference:

NewNet Group has complete and sufficient experience in holding a press conference to introduce goods, services, products, works of art, etc. in a very effective atmosphere with the presence of media representatives, magazines, news agencies, websites, etc. It is a very brilliant resume in this field, it should be mentioned that a press conference is the best, most effective and fastest means of introducing and mediating news.

Holding a press conference is a useful tool to convey business messages

A media meeting helps the public relations message of companies to spread in the media and public opinion, which can be the best tool to convey the message of businesses and companies among public opinion.

What is news coverage?

News coverage is, in fact, the publication of news of an event that is carried out by media and news agencies such as reportage. Usually, coverage after the news conference can help spread your news among the media.

D) Opening and Unveiling:

NewNet Group has many styles and experiences in holding opening ceremonies and presentations for presentation and marketing in conference halls, hotels, and business establishments. In the unveiling ceremony, people related to the product and services are invited, which usually leads to marketing and signing a contract.

In the opening and unveiling, it is possible to invite famous radio presenters and singers of the country and invite famous Iranian music groups. By providing gifts and accessories such as flower arrangement, balloon arrangement and lighting, we will help to organize the opening and unveiling ceremony as best as possible.

We review some very important points in the opening of the store:

1- Be sure to get the necessary permits before the ceremony

2- Your goal of opening a store should be clear

3- Never start work without a specific budget

4- Don't forget to prioritize different parts of the store opening

5- Determine in advance who you invite

6- You don't have to do the reception and the ceremonies yourself

7- Prepare a gift as a souvenir for your opening ceremony

8- Install a banner or board with the opening theme of your store

9- Do not underestimate the importance of the decor and appearance of the ceremony

10- Introduce the important features of your store in the opening ceremony

11- Start your advertising work with the opening ceremony

E) Holding exhibitions, Seminars, Conferences and Concerts:

NewNet Group organizes conferences, festivals, celebrations and is ready to cooperate with public and private organizations and companies throughout the country. In seminars, conferences, conferences, etc., according to the goals of that organization, exchange Information and providing opinions are effective in eliminating problems. Therefore, by organizing this event as best as possible, NewNet will create unity and relationships between the personnel and the guests.

F) Advertising Campaign:

What is an advertising campaign?

Advertising campaign can be defined in the concept of using various channels to send advertising messages, so that a message will be shared through different paths and media which are also fixed in some cases. Advertising campaigns owned by business owners and their teams determine the best strategy for promoting the company's products and services.

After that, you should design your advertising campaign in such a way that the value, features and benefits of your products are maintained and increased. The advertising campaign is considered a part of the marketing campaign, which focuses on spreading the company's advertising message. Advertising campaigns are created with different goals and are diverse. In fact, the advertiser wants to have the most efficient and effective media to reach the target audience.

What is the function of advertising campaign?

Advertising campaigns have many functions. These campaigns try to make people aware of the desired product. Also, the advertising campaign tries to convince people to buy the desired product through its advertisement. Among other activities and goals related to the advertising campaign is to provide conditions for the product to be in the hands of the audience.

Advertising campaigns are used to promote any type of product or service. These campaigns may be online or offline. In any case, it can be said that the general goal of designing an advertising campaign is to convey the message of a product or brand to the audience. Every advertising campaign should be designed based on the marketing strategy of the company or the desired product.

Principles of Designing Advertising Campaigns

The first step in designing an advertising campaign is to conduct market research for the advertised product. At this stage, the position of the product should be measured in relation to competitors. Before designing an advertising campaign, you must know about your competitors and your position in the market in order to design an effective campaign.

The second step of designing an advertising campaign is to know your audience and customers. You need to know who is going to buy your products. When we have a proper understanding of our audience and get to know their lifestyle, we can better communicate with them and attract them to us.

The NewNet group of needs analysis, design and implementation of advertising campaigns is at your service, dear customers, industrial owners, service and commercial companies, and will bring you great achievements.


Social media advertising

Social Media:

In the past, these types of networks were able to be used with personal computers, the most important of which were Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo 360. Nowadays, most of these networks can be used with mobile phones.


Facebook is a very popular website that has loyal visitors in many countries including the United States. These visitors will spend more time on this site than any other site. Facebook can be an example of the most visited Social Media.


Linkedin is a social network for business, the main topic of this network is to find workforce, project, employment, etc. Specialists in Iran who are looking for work abroad have succeeded in finding work and doing projects remotely through this network.


Telegram is one of the most popular Social Media in Iran in recent years, and this social network is filtered in Iran. This software is extremely powerful and highly efficient and is being developed. In Telegram, it is possible to mention the ability to make connections and make games for programmers.


Instagram has developed a lot since it was bought by Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of Facebook). The topic of this network, apart from information, can be the best virtual store in the list of Social Media. It has recently added many features for your online store. Instagram is a very suitable network for any business.


Twitter is a popular network for following and writing short posts. This network has cultured the term tweeting. Anyone who adds a new post to their profile is said to have tweeted. Usually, political leaders in the world use Twitter for their audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Any activity you do in social networks that leads to attracting customers is called SMM. Marketing through social networks is much more difficult than marketing through search engines, because attracting visitors and fans from social networks is a more difficult process than SEM. Social Media Marketing or social media marketing is one of the online marketing models that uses the facilities of social networks as an advertising tool of websites to increase the incoming traffic to the website. Also, virtual or organic ads help you to better identify your users by analyzing their reactions.

SMM is based on the organic search and business model, the higher the activity of the website and social networks connected to them, the higher the ranking of the website in search engines. The most important things that social media marketing can do, is to improve communication with users and increase customer visits. By creating useful content that audiences share with their friends and acquaintances on social networks, SMM increases the community of contacts and the number of people who are connected with your business grows dramatically. This type of SMM is called customer relationship management (CRM). If users interact well with the content provided by you, they can lead to increased credibility and return on investment.

The purpose of Social Media:

A large number of companies and brands have been able to increase their sales significantly by being active in the Social Media. Virtual spaces have created many opportunities to establish this proper relationship between you and users and have made your company a reliable brand. If you are also a business owner, you are almost aware of the cost of advertising, including your precious money and time, and you know that if you have an article on your website, to get more SEO and rank first in Google or for the product Show yourself earlier and better than your competitors to the customers that you have collected as hard as possible on your Social Media page, you must bear a lot of effort.

Users are no longer looking for anything on Google, but they often spend their time on Social Media, and it is these products and contents that are welcomed and create a need in them. So, in order for the efforts I have made to create my content and product not to be wasted, I have to produce a copy of it, for example, on Instagram, so that I can be viewed well.

Having just Social Media in business:

Having Social Media alone will not be enough for the success of your business or brand. Having an official website is essential for successful Social Mediaing.

Having relationships in Social Media will remove the walls between users and increase communication, and you can have a more successful brand or business with this method.

You can post your business or brand information on social channels and share them and spread your information quickly. This will increase your communication with users.

This will get a lot of comments and feedback from your users and customers, which is very valuable.

Social Media methods for business:

1- Use Micro Content.

2- Share every article twice. Maybe there are still people who have not visited your article.

3- Be sure to make a GIF file from your videos.

4- Always like Reply before leaving a comment.

5- Be careful of new platforms and try them as soon as they come.

6- Create your username with keywords.

7- Don't ignore the texts below the links and use them to encourage the user to click.

8- Post 3 to 4 times a day.

9- Maximize the number of hashtags (#) and send them in the first comment after the article.

10- Use video more.

11- Use text in your videos and be sure to use subtitles for videos.

12- As you know, this platform can disable your videos and music automatically, so it may not be heard, but subtitles make it easy for you and attract the attention of users.


The most important Social Media methods for business:

1- Use the image feature of multiple photos in one Instagram post.

2- Make more use of the Instagram story feature.

3- Create a story from the content you have already posted.

4- Use Mention features in stories.

5- Use your username in Mentions so that users can click on them and see your profile and click on the link on your Bio section.

6- Use influencers to promote your business or brand.

7- Use images, videos and GIFs when linking.

8- Use video when replying.

9- Use the hashtag (#) especially.

10- Make gif files related to your brand and use them everywhere.

11- Use Twitter's search function for people's pain and hearts.

12- Be active daily. Use hashtags (#) such as: days of the week, motivational, etc.

13- Use Twitter as a promoter of your content.

14- Post several times a day on Twitter.

15- If you want to have your videos on Twitter, cut them.

16- If you want to send DM messages on Twitter, i.e. Direct Message, tell your contacts that these messages are sent automatically and not from me, and this makes it acceptable for them.

The most important ways you can boost your business:

1- Do group and intra-group work.

2- Post three times a day as follows:

3- Wake (in the morning)

4- Lunch (lunchtime)

5- Bed (bed time)

6- Engage users quickly and the Facebook algorithm does something like this.

7- Do advertising in different countries.

8- Use short text for your descriptions.

9- Facebook has the most users in the world and is in third place.

10- If you have special people, announce it.

11- Make a list of your emails and contacts on Facebook and be in touch with them.

12- Start the Facebook Pixel service.

13- Remove your logo from the images.

14- Like users' comments in their comments.

15- Run your advertisements and events as a Live Stream.

16- Ask users to share your post.

17- Arrange a contest.



Types of advertising methods in Social Media:

Advertising on the Instagram   

These days, Instagram has become one of the most popular and popular Social Media for Iranian users. According to the announced statistics, Instagram currently has between 10 and 14 million Iranian users, and in addition, according to Forrester's market research, the growth of user interaction on Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter has been 400 times, therefore many Business owners start advertising on Instagram. Instagram has different algorithms and capabilities that can be used to make smart ads. Instagram's features include the ability to commercialize the page, use templates for stories, track hashtags (hashtag impression evaluation), page views and other statistical information from the insight menu, etc. On Instagram, you can do smart advertising with strong targeting in different ways, such as advertising campaigns, influencer marketing, hashtagging, various contests, etc.

Advertising on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is another popular Social Media whose activity is more specialized in the field of business and job search; however, it is a smart way to advertise in this specialized network, especially in a specific niche. Advertising on the LinkedIn Social Media has many advantages; For example, your access to targeted audiences will be better and you will get to know more people who are experts in your field of work. You can use various features of this Social Media to advertise on LinkedIn; Features such as commercializing the page and using it to create a text advertisement, for this you just need to enter the title, description and photo you want and the address of your landing page to be displayed on your business page. In addition to this, hashtagging, which has recently become common among Iranian users, is one of the advertising solutions on LinkedIn. Another way to advertise on LinkedIn is sponsoring campaigns that require bank access, which is limited for users inside Iran.

Advertising on WhatsApp 

It's a fact that WhatsApp is a mobile messaging application and it is mostly used for messaging and audio or video conversations; but since this application is free and the number of its users, especially Iranian users, is large, it has created a good opportunity for businesses to advertise. Various features of WhatsApp, such as the ability to group, share different content in photo, video, text, etc. formats, can be suitable for some of your business's advertising campaigns.

Advertisements on Telegram 

Despite the fact that the Telegram messenger is filtered in Iran; But many Iranian users still use it. According to the statistics provided by the financialtribune.com website, Telegram has about 45 million Iranian users, and it goes without saying that the many features of Telegram can be a good opportunity to communicate between businesses and their target audiences. The features of Telegram include creating groups, channels, the possibility of voting, evaluating the number of views of each message, sharing content, using the Telegram bot to manage your channel, the possibility of leaving comments on the channel, linking content, etc.

  Advertising on the Facebook 

It is true that many Facebook users have switched to Instagram, but Facebook still ranks first among foreign countries, especially the United States, in terms of users. Therefore, advertising on the Facebook Social Media can be very beneficial for international business owners; Because Facebook has provided various possibilities for advertising. For example, you can create a business page for your business, before advertising, you can target your ads with the help of Facebook Ads manager, choose your target audience, specify the cost of advertising, text, Choose an image or video for it and after displaying the advertisement, see it placed in the right column of the program called News Feed, which is displayed for the audience network.

How to advertise on Social Media:

a) Upload content to our own Social Media

Finally, any advertisement means that the audience visits our personal page and visits the advertised item. Therefore, it is necessary to create content carefully and obsessively in the form of photos, text, video or a combination. The more beautiful and practical the contents are, the more customers will welcome them. Story, direct, holding the challenge of promotional video motions, attracting targeted followers, etc. are some of the things that we must do.

b) Advertising on other people's Social Media

There are popular social pages that are both popular and popular.

(I) Influencers: who are related to famous people in Social Media, have many followers, that is why advertising on these pages with the influencer's presence in the form of a video (advertisement report) (real or fan) along with photos and text will have a tremendous impact.

(II) Advertising pages: These pages are not individual-oriented, but with regard to popular or specialized topics, they have many followers, which is why advertising on these pages increases the number of visits to our page.

Advertisement on these pages is in the form of: video (real or fan), photo with text.

Types of content in Social Media

  1. Text content

The content of articles, blogs, guides and written texts in Social Media are included in this category.

Advantages: These articles show your company's expertise and help you gain credibility and reputation.

Disadvantages: On the Internet, blog content is abundant and hard to compete with. So, you need a lot of creativity to create new ideas. Also, writing about different topics is time-consuming. Especially if you are going to write textual content about complex concepts

How to create content: To be able to write interesting content, check the trending topics. In this way, you will find out what questions people are looking for answers to. This, itself can give you the idea of writing an interesting article. In content strategy, written content is very important like other content. By writing engaging written content and creating a unique voice for your brand, you can easily stand out from the competition.

The best platforms to publish: LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for this content. Especially for articles that are 1500 words or more. You may publish the entire textual content, a part of the content or a link related to it.

Another popular platform is Twitter. But, due to its limited character count, you can only publish the content link with a short description. This way, you will generate traffic for your website.

  1. Visual Content

Images are considered to be one of the most valuable types of content in Social Media, and in these networks, they have the highest amount of publication.

Advantages: Visual content is more engaging than articles and long posts. This type of content will definitely increase customer interaction with your brand and make you popular. Images help your audience not ignore and get your brand message.

Disadvantages: On a platform like Instagram that focuses on images, the competition is high. If you want high-quality images, you should use newer, higher-tech smartphones or professional cameras. Of course, these things are very expensive.

How to create content: This type of content is one of the easiest content to create. Just take your smartphone or camera and take a picture.

Best platforms to publish: Images can be used on all platforms. But Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best platforms for sharing images. Also, using images in blog posts helps them to be seen more.


  1. Video Content

With the advent of cameras in smartphones, recording events is easier than ever. This content is prioritized in the Facebook algorithm. This platform can be a suitable platform to show your products to the audience. Also, with the trend of broadcasting live images, the audience's expectations of video content in Social Media have changed. In Social Media, unedited and natural videos convey a more real feeling to the audience. So, don't neglect this content and include it in your content strategy.

Advantages: Filming is easy and effortless, and the audience interacts with this type of content more than images. The best topics for video production include product guides, tour and travel videos, and product updates. All these contents generate traffic on your website and increase sales.

Disadvantages: The production of short videos is inexpensive. But if you want to produce high-quality videos, the costs will skyrocket.

How to create content: In the production of video, like images, it is necessary to consider in which platforms the content is going to be used. The network where the audience is present determines whether you need specialized equipment and skills for video production.

The best platforms to publish: One of the best platforms for publishing video content is YouTube. Also, video on Facebook performs well. The best option for shorter videos is Instagram; Even better than YouTube.

  1. Electronic book or eBook

Advantages: eBooks are longer and more detailed than blog articles. This will help you show your expertise more accurately to the audience. Compared to blog posts, few businesses take the time to produce an eBook. So, there is no heavy competition in the production of this type of content.

Disadvantages: It takes a lot of time to produce electronic books according to the audience's taste. Even though this content helps generate new leads, not every audience wants to read an eBook.

How to create content: An e-book is a collection of blog articles on a specific topic, organized into several chapters. So, choose the best content. Also, get help from experienced people in this field to write quality content.

The best platforms to publish: LinkedIn is a platform where users can connect with colleagues and learn about their work. As a result, LinkedIn with these features is considered a suitable platform for e-book publishing. The next options are Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Infographic

One of the most powerful types of content on Social Media that you can use to increase traffic is Infographic. Infographic content, such as tables and charts, are visual forms of information.

Advantages: Many people want to learn things through visual content. It can be said that Infographic are considered as the most effective media in learning information. Creating Infographic content is a productive way to attract and interact more with the audience. This content will help you to attract the opinion of people with different tastes.

Disadvantages: graphic and writing skills are needed to create Infographic content. So, you need to hire experts to create this type of content.

How to create content: Choosing a topic for an Infographic plays a key role in your success. Consider the topic of the Infographic as a specific topic so that you can more easily gather information about it.

By choosing the topic and creating an outline, the writer and graphic designer prepare the contents. They are then merged to create the final image.

The best platforms to publish: LinkedIn and Facebook are among the best options for Infographics.




  1. Customers Comments

Customer reviews are one of the basic foundations of marketing. You see them on business websites and sales information.

Advantages: The customer comments section is the words of current or former customers, which are prepared in written or video format. In this section, customers provide others with their experience of using services and products.

In customer reviews, people talk about your products and services. In this way, other audiences will examine the people's problem and the solution you have presented to them. From this point of view, the customer opinion section is valuable.

Disadvantages: Encouraging customers to register their opinions is not always easy. Also, this content is the only content that is not under your control. You have to remember, there is no guarantee that the views and opinions of customers will be positive.

How to create content: Contact your previous customers and ask them to work with you to create this content. Convincing customers to tell you what they think about your products and services can be counterproductive, because people may not express their opinions honestly.

The best platforms to publish: the comments section and customer views are very effective in LinkedIn and Facebook media.

The NewNet group is with you dear ones in all the above steps for Special Media and these services are provided in the following plans.

Tariff of Social Media as an Option

Features of

the Plan

One month

Two month



Special  three months

Four months






















post design








story design







Direct sending

to contacts







Advertising on

related pages







Making advertising








Holding challengesand competitions









Table 1 - Content Creation



Cost (Rials)



Content creation, uploading posts, management and statistics of the Instagram page

To inquire about the cost, contact NewNet Group


From 9 graphic posts per month

Formulating strategy, uploading post, management and statistics of LinkedIn page


Provide daily routine content

Formulating strategy, uploading posts, management and statistics of other Social Media


Subsequently, it will be announced based on the needs of the project

Management, sending and statistics of email marketing service


4 emails per month, excluding the platform purchase fee

Developing strategy, uploading posts, managing official blog statistics


8 blog posts per month with SEO

Management, updating and statistics of the official website



Technical maintenance of the website


15% of website design fee for one year

Consulting and doing SEm, SEO services


The cost is announced based on the project

Strategizing, uploading posts and managing the Telegram channel


The cost is announced based on the project

Brand communication management in the virtual space (Community Management)


The cost is announced based on the project


Table 1 - content creation


Cost (Rials)



Real video editing and optimization without filming

To inquire about the cost, contact NewNet Group

Per  minute


Real video production

Per  minute


Video motion graphics production

Per  minute

Basic graphic design

Translation and optimization of Infographic

Per  minute

Mentioning the source and in one size

Infographic design and production

Per  minute

in one size

Industrial / decorative / modeling photography


The cost is announced based on the project

Translation of specialized texts from English to Farsi and vice versa

Per  minute







Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a set of activities that are done to promote products and services using digital tools. Digital Marketing is a term for marketing products or services through digital technologies. Digital Marketing is possible through any digital media such as mobile phones, advertising screens, etc. When you're trying to develop a Digital Marketing strategy, where do you start? Every strategy needs a regular planning and its precise implementation. One of the main reasons for the failure of many businesses is not having a strategy plan. So, your first task is to write a program and execute it accurately.

Recommendations for developing a Digital Marketing strategy

 More important than having or not having a strategy, consider and compare the position you have now and the position you want to achieve in a few years in your plan. In fact, you should determine your purpose, position and needs in your planning. You have a long-term plan that you intend to achieve in the 10th year, but you should set smaller goals in your short-term plans during these ten years so that with the help of these goals you can reach the bigger goal. Digital strategy planning is the same. One of the best points of it is having measurement tools to find out how much feedback the way you have chosen for advertising has had, such as email marketing you should check, how many of the emails you send are read and what The amount of clicks on them. No matter how big or small your company is, it needs a Digital Marketing plan, so many companies have a unique Digital Marketing plan for their Digital Marketing.

Next, we want to address the problems of not having a strategy for Digital Marketing:

1- Being directionless

2- You will not know your online market share

3- Competitors gain market share

4- You will not have any special offer online.

5- You will not know your online customers properly

6- Your business will fall apart

7- Establishing a sufficient budget

8- Waste of money and time

9- You will not have any new offers and you will operate like a normal store

10- Your website will not be optimized.



A) What is the offline type of Digital Marketing

The same marketing activities that have been implemented in a traditional and environmental way, if using digital tools, are included in this category:

a) Enhanced Environmental Marketing

Some traditional marketing activities can sometimes be combined with digital tools and have more impact. For example, in the city of Tehran, you can see more than 4,000 advertising structures such as billboards, strawboards, etc. every day, all of which are competing with each other to attract your attention. Digital Marketing of this type can be found in electronic billboards, which were once very popular.



Another type of marketing is sampling marketing, which is very popular. This means that companies provide their product in smaller dimensions or a sample of it to others so that they can buy it after testing it. Now, in this type of Digital Marketing, if you have a product or service, you can also think about digital sampling, an example of which you can see today in large mobile stores or Samsung agencies or... or advertising systems. An interaction that also exists in the famous arcades of Tehran

b) Radio Marketing

Not only in Iran, but also in the most advanced countries of the world, radio is still not dead and can be used as a media and channel for Digital Marketing. Pay attention to the statistics in this regard:

In the United States, the average per capita listening to radio is 2 hours per day. In Iran, 34% of the population listens to the radio every week, and some of them listen to the radio for more than an hour a day. Therefore, radio also allocates a part of the organization's budget.

Using radio to broadcast an advertising message between programs or even sponsoring a program can be this type of Digital Marketing.


c) TV Marketing

Television marketing is also very common and popular and has encouraged many businesses to use this Digital Marketing channel due to the large audience it has had among the public for years. And that is why it imposes huge costs on companies and small or start-up organizations cannot afford it.

d) Tel Marketing

"Telephone marketing and sales" is one of the most common marketing and sales tools and a scientific knowledge along with empirical support and practical skills that only qualified people and powerful companies to boost marketing and sales activities are able to get the most incomes from this efficient and profitable tool in the best way.

Fax Marketing

Sending group faxes by special marketing fax machines is called fax marketing for specific target groups, and they are very effective because of paper advertisements and more lasting than other advertisements. NewNet is proud to offer the best services in this field to its valued customers by having Fax Marketing software and dynamic database.

b) What is the online type of Digital Marketing?

In this type of marketing, which is called online marketing for short, you communicate with customers more quickly and accurately using the Internet and perhaps with the help of other digital tools, and each of your campaigns, if a good return Due to the cost it has not created, you will not repeat it. Even in this type, you can design a different campaign for a part of your customers than another part. (A/B testing to measure which campaign is more successful to stop the other, which will greatly improve your costs and efficiency).

The types of noline Digital Marketing are:

a) Email Marketing

The first email was sent in 1971. Strangely, considering the speed of technology growth, a large part of the Digital Marketing budget is still dedicated to email marketing. Email marketing is one of the types of Digital Marketing that has a good rate of return on investment and experiences a growth of about 4% every year compared to the previous year. There are various tools to optimize email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

The general concept of email marketing is simple. You select a set of potential and existing customers. Then you email these people through a well-strategized digital campaign. If your strategy and campaign work, you can convert leads into sales and convert once-only buyers into loyal customers.

b) Content Marketing

In simple terms, content marketing is helping to generate leads and ultimately through "presenting content" to the audience, which has an indirect effect and with its usefulness, it leads to attracting the interest and trust of the audience, which plays a major role in turning the "audience into a customer".

c) Video Marketing

The definition of video marketing is very simple: using video to advertise or introduce your brand, sell your products or services. Video marketing can be used for anything including building customer relationships. In addition, video marketing can be a means of demonstrating how to use, encouraging customers, live events and providing entertaining content. In recent years, many content marketing has moved towards video. With the increasing influence of video marketing in 2005, YouTube came to the online scene and opened a way for video expression, and with its growth, many companies began to create profiles for themselves. The statistics of video marketing are expanding day by day and this trend creates an opportunity for businesses to inspire, awaken emotions and demand the needs of their audience using a reliable and authentic way.

d) Click Ads

Click advertising is a method of advertising in which the advertiser is required to pay only when the ad is clicked and the desired link is displayed by the visitor. Click ads are equivalent to "Pay Per Click" and "Cost Per Click" and their abbreviations are PPC and CPC respectively. This method is always in conflict with SEO and site optimization.

In click ads, you receive clicks and pay according to the price per click you set and the budget you consider for your click ads.

e) Influencer Marketing

In these platforms, you can do influencer marketing well and communicate with the right influencer according to the topic of your ad and deliver your ads to millions of users in Social Media.

f) Publication of Ad Reportage

Ad Reportage is another Digital Marketing tool that helps you attract the attention of many users by publishing appropriate and attractive content. Businesses publish content in other media under the name of reportage with various goals, including increasing brand awareness, SEO, public relations, and increasing sales. By using ad reporting platforms, you can display your content on many popular sites. In addition to this tribune, by providing detailed reporting, it helps you analyze and review your campaign so that you can run a more efficient and effective campaign.

What is the reportage of the ad? How to write Ad Reportage?

As its name suggests, "Ad Reportage" is a type of commercial advertisement that uses the structure of a narrative report.

Ad Reportage; A (triple profits) transaction

Advertisements of the ad report type have unique advantages for the reader, advertiser and ad publisher. People enjoy seeing Ad Reportage in the media. Potential buyers view advertising as "actionable news" that provides them with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision about whatever they need. A well-written ad report presents this information in an interesting and more engaging format than conventional advertising. Reportage ads are entertaining and useful for readers and a powerful tool for advertisers. Advertisers give their business a "face" by using ad reportage, humanize it, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

How to write an effective Ad Reportage

  1. Don't try to tell the whole story of your customers
  2. Create a face for businesses
  3. Write about things that are interesting to readers
  4. Write catchy and attractive
  5. g) Online Chat

Today, immediately after entering many sites, a small online chat box opens at the bottom of the right page and gives the audience a good feeling of constant support and companionship. The online chat and support tool helps you to easily communicate with your site's audience and analyze their behavior.


h) SMS Marketing

You must have received an advertising SMS before. SMS advertisements about product introductions, new service introductions, special sales conditions, discounts, openings, etc., which are sent to mobile phones on a daily basis, are actually part of the marketing process called SMS marketing. With the advancement of technology and the creation of facilities such as sending SMS, all kinds of new marketing methods such as SMS marketing have emerged. SMS Marketing is a low-cost, easy and fast way to send promotional SMS to the audience en masse. SMS marketing, if it is done by choosing a short, effective advertising SMS and sending it to real audiences, it will leave excellent feedback and performance. Working with bulk SMS sending panels is simple and convenient and every person, organization and company can do it easily. On the other hand, the cost of implementing SMS marketing is low compared to other marketing methods, and on the other hand, it has a high effectiveness. Many companies, organizations, stores and institutions use the SMS marketing method to introduce new products, special services and inform customers and audiences. Since most people in the society have access to mobile phones and check their SMS, therefore, good results can be obtained from SMS marketing if it is used properly.

Send Push Notifications

A push notification is a message similar to a short message (SMS) that can include an image, headline, and short text that is sent to your users and drives them back to your website or app. Every day, millions of advertising and non-advertising push notifications are sent to different users around the world. You can use different platforms to send push notifications and increase your interaction with users. With the help of push notification sending platforms such as Najva, you can increase the return rate of users to the site, the amount of sales and traffic of your site and remind them of your presence by sending notifications to millions of users.

Types of businesses that use Digital Marketing:

  • Online stores: These businesses make a living by selling products online. Any business that has a product that can be sold on the Internet is included in this category.
  • Lead generators: Many businesses do not actually offer products and services directly in the digital space. Rather, their product or service is offered in the offline world. In such businesses, it is very important to get a clue from the target audience, such as contact number, email, etc., that they can collect the information of interested parties in the best way in the digital space by introducing their services, and then proceed to telephone and even face-to-face marketing.

What does a digital marketer do, what are the duties of a Digital Marketing manager?

Digital marketers are those who use all Digital Marketing channels to increase brand awareness or attract customers according to the company's goal and budget. Digital marketers focus on specific key performance indicators (KPIs). And according to them and their accurate measurement, they measure the efficiency of each of their different campaigns in different channels and implement the best ones with these results.

In a startup or small business, a digital marketer may take on all Digital Marketing responsibilities. But in larger organizations, over time, specific specialists emerge for each of the Digital Marketing channels and tactics. For example, the following roles are common in larger organizations:


Main KPI


Organic Traffic

SEO Manager

User time spent on page, total blog traffic

Content Marketing Manager

Number of followers, shares, engagement

Social Media Manager

Email open rate, click rate on email links

Email Marketing Manager

Do you need a lot of budget for Digital Marketing?

It depends on your Digital Marketing strategy. For the first category, which was offline Digital Marketing, your costs may be very high. The staggering prices of television advertisements cannot be ignored. But in online marketing methods, there are much cheaper methods available.


What is the general framework of Digital Marketing?

Four frameworks are common in the field of Digital Marketing goals and channels called RACE Reach-Act-Convert-Engage framework. In each of these stages, the goals and marketing channels and methods will be different. In the reach section, the goal is to attract customers or familiarize them with the services. Offline or online marketing can be used in this section. In the Act section, the goal is for the customer to make his first purchase and to be activated, so to speak. In this section, Social Media, landing pages, remarketing, email marketing or... can be used.

In the Convert section, the goal is for the customer to become a frequent buyer, which means frequent sales for any company with any amount of sales.  Retargeting, UGC, CRO, personalization, email marketing, etc. can be used in this section, and finally, the purpose in the Engage section is to make the customer a loyal and regular customer, or to make him loyal again if his repeated purchases have decreased or he hasn't made a purchase in a while. In this sector, automatic personalization, loyalty programs, CRM systems, etc. are common tactics.


Advertising in Social Media

Other Social Media have become a part of our daily lives. Through these networks, we follow the news of the day, read our favorite content and communicate with our friends. By using Social Media, you can create a good opportunity for your business brands to make your brand name permanent in the minds of users and establish a friendly relationship with them. Also, publishing your ad on various and highly used Social Media can have a significant impact on your income and help your business grow a lot.

What is Social Media?

Social Media means Social Media. Social Media is a tool to get traffic and audience attention to your brand or business. One of the ways to get more visitors for your business or brand is to use Social Media. The purpose of Social Media is to create specific and healthy content that is shared to be shown to other people. It is a useful content that is an attractive and hot topic and can be shared among users in a viral way in all networks. In addition to Social Media, create a website to show your business or brand more officially and gain the trust of your customers.

To make your audience loyal:

1- Get to know your customers through social channels and Social Media.

2- Focus on your customers.

3- Share your experiences with them.

4- Talk to your customers and get to know them.

5- Find out about the interests of your customers.

The most used Social Media

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Twitter
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Linkedin Corporation
  6. Pinterest
  7. Telegram
  8.  Instagram



Advantages of using Social Media

  • Increasing reputation in Social Media
  • Branding in Social Media
  • Social Media and profit making
  • Social Media and brand loyalty
  • Social Media and cost reduction
  • Increase site traffic

Criteria for successful interaction of users with your brand through Social Media:

  • Number of post likes
  • Number of posts shared
  • Number of display posts
  • Number of comments on posts
  • Number of profile views
  • Brand recall

21-1- Advertising on Google

There are two ways to advertise on Google. a) SEO b) Adwords

As the most visited site, Google is one of the best sites that you can use to advertise your website. In this method, your website's ads will be displayed in Google search results for searched words related to your field of activity. Your website will be displayed in Google search results in two ways, the first method is to pay a fee, and Google calls this method paid search results, where you pay Google for advertising. You will be displayed in search results. This method is called AdWords. In the second method, SEO and optimization operations are performed on your website so that the website is on the first page of Google for the keywords related to your site, which Google considers the websites that are displayed in its main results as natural search results. (Organic search results) and this operation is called SEO. So, advertising on Google can be done in two ways: AdWords and SEO, which we explain in the following section:

A) Advertising on Google through SEO

In fact, this method is to raise the site naturally in Google search results, and its advertising costs are much lower than AdWords. In this method, no fee is paid to Google, but the principles and rules of SEO are observed so that the site is high in the Google search engine for the keywords of the website. In order for the site to be naturally high in the search results, the principles and rules of SEO should be observed on the site and the site should be updated regularly. Also, backlinking should be done for the website in order to increase the website's rank in the Google search engine. Today, this method is one of the best methods of advertising on the Internet, and its costs are much lower than other methods of Internet advertising. Also, permanence is one of the other features of this method, and if the principles and rules of SEO are followed correctly and appropriate activities are carried out on the website, the website will always be displayed in the search engine. In this way, the website owner should continuously upload new content related to his activity and the needs of the customers on his website and the site should be active. SEO and website optimization, which ultimately leads to the display of your website in the natural search results of Google, should be done in several different phases, which are mentioned in the following section.

  • Adhering to SEO principles on the website and designing the site with the latest SEO methods and rules
  • Regularly and periodically, you should upload new and useful content and content that is needed by your users.
  • Backlinking for the website in order to increase the ranking of the website in search engines
  • Continuity of backlinking and content creation forever on the website
  • Use of Social Media to increase visits and job credibility of the group
  • Using other advertising methods to attract more visitors and increase brand credibility and branding for the website

In order to get the best results from your ads on Google, you need to optimize your website for internet marketing.

"Additional explanations are mentioned in section (20-3) of the same chapter"

B) Advertising on Google through AdWords

To advertise on Google, you need to enter the Google AdWords website and activate your ad. Activating the ad requires a valid credit card, Visa or MasterCard, or a PayPal account, and Google will activate your account after a while, and doing this requires a lot of experience. In this way, you can specify keywords for the Google search engine so that your site is displayed in the search results when the user searches for the desired word. This ad is displayed on the top or right side of Google search results. So, when the user searches for your desired article in the search engine, your site will be displayed among the Ad items in the Google search results. The cost of this type of advertisement is paid in two ways, the first and most suitable method is when the user clicks on your advertisement, and the cost of the click is deducted from your account. The cost per click depends on the keyword. In some keywords, the cost of advertising is around 1 cent, and in others, it is even a few dollars. In the second method of paying for advertising, Google deducts an amount from your account for a certain number of views, for example, $10 for every 1000 views of your site in the ad results. The ad was filtered by AdWords in Iran and users could not enter your website after clicking on your ad. Recently, contact numbers are considered in the advertisement so that when a user wants to contact the group, he can contact the company by seeing the company's contact number in AdWords ads. This type of advertisement can still be displayed for users outside Iran without any problem. If you are not among the main results on the first page of Google, you can try this method. In AdWords, you can even specify the location of the ad display, for example, choose which countries you want your ad to be displayed in, as well as in which regions and cities. You can also specify the ad display hours so that your ad in AdWords is displayed only during working hours. The cost of advertising in Google in the form of AdWords is for every dollar charged at the price of a dollar a day.

A few points about AdWords advertising

It is better to display only inside Iran to prevent any misuse of your ad and unnecessary clicks by your competitors. The advertisement report will be sent to you on a daily basis directly from the Google website, and in this way you will be informed of the statistics of clicks on your advertisements with an official report from Google.

Why is SEO better than Google AdWords?

  • SEO and website optimization is long-term and permanent; however, if your AdWords budget runs out, the website will stop appearing on the first page of Google.
  • Due to the increase in the exchange rate, the advertising tariff in Google has increased, while there has not been much change in the tariffs for SEO and website optimization.
  • Google AdWords causes currency to leave the country, while SEO and website optimization creates new jobs such as backlink builders and content producers, which creates jobs in the country and improves the country's economy.
  • It is possible that in the future, Google will completely block its AdWords services for Iran, and this will cause a lot of loss for companies that put their advertising budgets on Google AdWords.
  • Previously, Google AdWords was filtered in Iran and it was not possible to use it, and this may happen again.

Considering the increase in the exchange rate and the new policies of Google to increase your income from Google AdWords ads, it is better to base your marketing and customer attraction on the basis of SEO and website optimization. Recently, there have been many changes in Google AdWords click ads, which have reduced its efficiency. One of these changes is that in the recent update, if the country of Iran is activated for the location of the ad, your ad may be blocked by Google, and in order for your ad not to be disabled, it is necessary to set the location of your ad to all countries, and this is the case. It reduces the effectiveness of advertising.



Advertising in Google AdWords:

We have put different ways for you to advertise on Google. You can leave the entire management and execution of your advertising campaign to us and receive a daily report on the performance of your campaign, or you can do all the work yourself and we will only charge your account. How much you want to spend to advertise on Google is up to you, you can start with AdWords plans at a low price and increase your advertising budget after seeing success. In Google ads, you only pay when someone is really interested in your product and clicks on its ad. So don't worry about the costs you spend on advertising.

Advertising plans in Google AdWords:

Google Adwords

Silver plan

Plan Gold

Platinum plan

300 dollars



Number of clicks

500 to 1500

1500 to 2500

2500 to 6000

Keyword advice




Number of keywords




Guaranteed click




Send report to email




Prices are monthly.

20-3- SEO

SEO is derived from the term Search Engine Optimization, which has equivalent words such as SEO or "search engine optimization", all of which have the same meaning and can be defined as follows: SEO means website optimization for search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines with unethical methods. They are created to help improve the visibility and relevance of websites in organic search results with the aim of achieving high rankings. SEO can be considered as a set of methods for strategic change of websites. This process describes the most important factors related to the page and increasing its importance in the search results page. What you really need is thorough understandings of what people want when they search, or why they want and need it. If you want to survive and invest in your business, we at NewNet will support you to find what your business needs with organic search, which one of the most profitable is marketing channels.


What are the goals of SEO?

The purpose of SEO is to help websites to get a high place in natural search results and increase the connection between pages and keywords entered by users. After SEO started its work to improve the ranking of sites in natural search results, this process required knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the biggest initial investment for site or page optimization.

In general, the goals of SEO can be summarized as follows:

  • It has a great impact on visiting the website.
  • Creates a brand.
  • It will increase site traffic.
  • Made the website rank better on the search engine results page.
  • It will increase the sales of products.
  • The best tool for advertising.

In order for the website to have a good ranking in search engines, you should pay attention to the following:

You should know how keywords react in different ways. Google Knowledge Panels that show the basics of business, such as location, phone number, rating, etc., which instills trust in your brand. Another feature of the search is that the content is directly and in accordance with the desired results. Apply SEO on different platforms, optimizing different parts of the search results. You can apply SEO methods on any other platform that the audience wants to search for and be as visible as possible. Remember to optimize for people, not for search engines. When you put people at the center of your content strategies, you will naturally be more successful in the search engines.

How do we know what people want? How do we know how people search?

Many people use Social Media for complaints; you can use it to your advantage. Maybe its customer service complaints and issues, any of which you can turn into content.

At NewNet, we spend a lot of time trading SEO tactics and ideas for mutual benefit, and this is one of the advantages of the NewNet portfolio.

There are 5 things every SEO strategist needs:

1- Mind map: Mind map is a place to create your site's SEO strategy from bottom to top. A mind map is simply a set of branches that usually branch out from the center and move from general categories to more specific groups, and ideas become increasingly expensive.

A mind map will help you think about your plan. It's actually a tool that helps you visualize your thinking in a way that makes it easier to synthesize and understand your ideas. They help reduce the burden your strategy places on your working memory so you can focus on thinking and brainstorming.

Using a mind map allows you to see everything at once and in a structure that works in a network-like way, it allows your brain to work for real. Our work team's suggestion to you is to pay attention to this issue when formulating your SEO strategy.

2- Visual representation: When your strategy becomes clearer and clearer, you will need something deeper and more professional than a mind map. Everything should be clear and it should be clear which task is assigned to whom. Which tasks are followed from the beginning and by whom, which tasks are being repeated, planned and completed.

3- Understanding the company: You must know what strengths you can take advantage of to get the highest value and search engine ranking and what solutions will help you.

The most important factors that you should consider in formulating the SEO strategy of the company's website are as follows:

1- What is the unique selling proposition of the product? 2- What is the vision of the company? 3- Is this company really hurt now? 4- How is it possible for the audience to understand marketing, high sales, etc.? Level of knowledge (meaning are you talking to people who know everything about their subject or are they looking for introductory material? How close are they to your industry and business? Are they interested? Do they read about your business or are they generally part of businesses similar to yours?

5- Accurate goals for the goal to be useful must be accurate. We at NewNet will help you set goals that are time bound and high impact.

Conclusion: Almost any SEO strategy can take advantage of these 5 elements, build them into their own framework and make them part of the way of doing things to achieve success.

*Keywords, conversion, user experience, search engine optimization; what do all these words and terms have to do with each other?

They all relate to how to attract and convert your target audience. At NewNet, with a strong Digital Marketing method, we identify the specific characteristics of your ideal customers and help you reach your goal. The more you know about your audience, the more powerful your Digital Marketing efforts will be.

Improving Alexa rank and lowering bounce rate:

Here, we tried to summarize 17 actions to reduce Bouncerate. Bounce rate reduction is actually one of the most basic and important concerns of site managers. Examining the factors that are mentioned will help you reduce the bounce rate:

1- Increasing the speed of the site: the most important factor in the bounce rate, which is of great importance, is the loading speed of the site pages. Improving the loading speed of the site improves and reduces the bounce rate. It also improves the user experience and increases the ranking of the site in Google.

2- Improving the practical experience: The second thing is to improve the practical experience in reducing the bounce rate. As a site manager, you should try to prevent the site from getting cluttered so that you can create a good user experience on your site by giving a good feeling to the users.

3- Excessive advertising: advertising must be smart. Regardless of the effectiveness of the advertisement, it can reduce the bounce rate of your site. Be careful to select and apply ads that match the topic and content of the site.

4- Correct internal link building: In short, if basic link building is done and placed in the right place, it can reduce the bounce rate of the site by 10-15%.

5- Improving the site menu: try to take the site menu seriously and think carefully before creating any link, because creating many links can even have a negative impact on your site's SEO.   A number of duplicate links are loaded on each page, too.

6- Inserting the appropriate title: The title should be appropriate to the text you have written and should be in such a way that users can easily understand the concept and general nature of your article by reading it.

7- Producing quality and appropriate content: One of the most worrisome tasks for managers is producing quality content, which has a great impact on reducing the bounce rate. In short, low-quality content copied content, inappropriate and unrelated content have a negative impact and increase the bounce rate.

Be sure to create website articles in your career field. You are in contact with your customers and know their needs. So create articles to meet these needs. Creating useful articles for users will lead to your branding. Because they find a website that you have answered all their needs in your career field.

8- Improving website design: designing a website that is attractive and attractive is a very important and difficult task. This is very important in bounce rate. Naturally, the more beautiful the site and the way each element is arranged and placed in its proper place so that access is easier, simpler and easier, it can have a significant impact on reducing the bounce rate.

9- How users enter the site: how users enter the site in two ways, directly and from the side of search engines. Naturally, in the way of direct entry, the users of our target community are those who are already familiar with our website. These types of users are looking for new content or a specific topic. And in the second case, through search engines, users who enter Google with a specific need and enter our site through the results that are shown to the user from Google.

10- Easy access to internal search: In the Intext recipe, you will easily be able to search for your desired phrase in the content of the pages, or in the URL section, or in the title section, or any other section, this operator can search in the following ways: You will help a lot. The most important advantage that this instruction can have over other Google search instructions for people is when a person decides to see traces of internal SEO and how Google is classified in that regard.

11- Creating a mobile version of the website: it will have a very positive effect on the rank of the website in search engines. Because many users use mobile phones and tablets to search the web and the correct and appropriate display of the site on mobile and tablet makes the user stay on the site for a longer time with mobile devices, and this issue will have a very positive effect on the site's rank.

12- The use of snippets (rich snippets and structured data) increases the readability of the site in search engines. If you have used rich snippets and structured data, you can check it in Google help Google structured data testing tool. Just enter the address of the desired page on this site to show you the snippets used on this page.

13- Backlinking: Creating links from other sites is something that should be done continuously. In fact, backlinking is the most dangerous part of SEO and site optimization, which must be done carefully. You can use forms, forums, and blogs to create backlinks to your site. Some tips on creating backlinks to the site:

  • Do not focus on a specific keyword.
  • Use different keywords to link to website pages.
  • Use your brand name to link to the website.

Try to update your site in a specific time cycle. For example, upload new articles and news related to your career field once a week. The quality of your website's articles and pages is very important and will have a great impact on your website's rank in search engines.

14- The amount and volume of website content: the deeper the content of your website and the more it covers the desired position, the more positive it will be. Try to have at least 10 lines of text for your website pages and check the different aspects of the topic completely. Examining different aspects of the subject has made the user's need to be solved just by reading your article. The more comprehensive and complete your articles are, the more impact they will have on your site's SEO.

15- Keywords:  One of the most important tasks that must be done for SEO work is finding keywords related to the website, which should be done by SEO and used for the title of the website pages as well as content creation for the website. Just find the keywords related to your activity and use it in this way. Although the results of search optimization may not be seen quickly, but in the long run, the benefits of SEO increase the ranking of the site and increase the number of visitors. It is very important for websites to be on the first page of Google search results, especially among the first three natural results that include 58.4% of clicks.

16- The amount of use of keywords: it is not necessary to use your word or keywords on the page a lot and fill your page with keywords. The desired text should be written for the user, not for search engines. It is enough to use it once for a page and it is important that the articles and pages of your site create a good feeling in the user. If the user enters a page and the page does not respond to the user's search, the user will not stay on the desired page and this is detrimental to the website. Therefore, the problem is to provide useful and needed information to the user.



17- Using Social Media in SEO:

1- Try to have a new post on your page every few days.

2- Encourage your customers to like your social network page.

3- Connect with your work resources through social network and work through your page.

4- Upload important news and new articles on your Social Media.

It is possible to repeatedly increase SEO by observing the following:

1- SEO and website optimization (displaying the website on the first page of Google for key terms related to the website's activity field)

2- Google AdWords click ads (the most important of which is general Google AdWords ads, which will be displayed on the first page of Google by paying a fee to Google for the desired keywords).

3- Social Media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. (Activity and advertising in Social Media)

4- Content marketing (production of high-quality content needed by website users and your customers)

5- Internet advertising (advertising on popular and relevant websites and apps)

6- Newsletter and promotional email (sending promotional email)

At NewNet, we serve you with four economic, bronze, silver, and gold packages as follows:

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