Ads insertion Site (Ads on advertising sites)

Features of Internet Advertising Sites

Naturally, these features are important for everyone, because every advertiser is looking for the best result from his internet advertising, which is to increase the number of visits to his website or blog and also to increase his profit. After checking various sites, we list these features in the following order:

1- Proper classification of ads

2- The structure of URLs: The more readable the structure of the URLs (The bar at the top of your browser is called the URL. The same thing that is sometimes referred to in simpler language as the site address.), and the better they display the categories, the more successful the site will definitely be.

3- The level of navigation on the site: it means the level of difficulty of navigating the site. The site should be such that the user can easily access different categories of advertisements.

4- Support: Of course, no site can survive without support. Internet advertising sites are one of the sectors that need strong programming support team and user guidance. Many sites never respond to users' emails, and sometimes we have to spend 3 days or even more to approve the ad.

5- Using the description tag: The description tag is very important in improving the page rank in the search results. Using this tag in the ad structure increases its value


6- The possibility of inserting a link: We consider this to be a great advantage, because it can direct the user visiting the ad directly to your site.

Top 18 Ad Sites

This list, which has been selected from more than 100 sites, can be your best guide in doing internet advertising on advertisement sites.

1.Iran Tejarat

7.Pars Center

13.Agahi 24


8.Niaz e Rooz







16.Novin tabligh
5.Niazp ardaz

11.Niaz mandyha

17.Post Agahi

6.Pack Center

12.Tookan 18.1 Eshareh

Important points when posting ads on advertising sites

Membership in all these sites is free, and after entering the site, you should look for a button or a link called "Membership" or "Register".

  • Try to announce a link where you collect the e-mail address and name of your site visitor, i.e. the link of the page you have planned to register the e-mails of your site users.
  • Try to make the ad short and attractive. Of course, short does not mean that it should be two or three lines, which means not to exaggerate.
  • Place your ad in the most relevant category.
  • Return to the site at regular intervals after posting the ad and update your ad.
  • Choose the title of the ad with keywords related to the topic of the ad and also use keywords in the text of the ad.

Examining examples of advertising sites

Iran Tejarat:

Iran Tejarat with the address allows you to insert free advertisements in both ways of product supply and site introduction. With the help of this site, you can easily introduce and sell your goods and services or put a link to your site so that interested customers can visit your site and make purchases from your site.

The Iran Tejarat website allows you to add photos and text to describe products and services. Like all free advertising sites, using this site as spam will lead to the deletion of your message. In general, from 2014 onwards, it is better to choose an effective text for your goods and services instead of spam ads and invite customers who want to use our goods and services to your site with a link to the site.


1Eshareh site with the address: provides users with the possibility of posting free internet ads. This site was created with the aim of creating a business system for business owners, industries and independent people who intend to advertise their products or services through virtual space. With this tactic, you may first order a free ad to this site, but after seeing its feedback, you will definitely upgrade your ad to a paid ad.


At the address, this site has also created a type of job bank or goods bank with the possibility of registering ads. All the features of an advertising site such as inserting photos, inserting text, inserting links, etc. can also be seen on this site.


It is one of the oldest ad acceptance sites that support all ad methods, and to send an ad to this site, visit

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