Exquisite books

I) Holy Quran

a) Audio Quran: The function of this Quran is such that an electronic pen (smart pen) reads the Holy Quran in different tones by different Quran readers. At the same time, this pen can be used to translate the Quran to other languages. Audio Quran has very beautiful packaging.

     قرآن سخنگو              قلم هوشمند                            


قلم هوشمند تبلیغاتی         

b) Fashionable Quran: This advertising gift is supplied in different formats including folio, octavo, medium octavo, and sextodecimo, in high-quality boxes. 

              قرآن مجلسی               قرآن مجلسی رحلی    

               قرآن مجلسی رقعی                     قرآن مجلسی وزیری

II) Religious books:

Religious books are supplied as both single and together with other advertising gifts. 

                                                             کتب مذهبی

Religious books: 

a) Nahj al-Balagha

کتاب نهج البلاغه

b) Mafatih al-Janan

کتاب مفاتیح

c) Other religious books 

d) Multiple set (including: Nahj al-Balagha, Mafatih al-Janan, other religious books)




Divan of poets

This advertising gift is supplied as single or with other advertising gifts such as stationary (packed in exquisite covers).

دیوان شعرا

   MODEL : H1

دیوان شعرا




دیوان شعرا با چاپ اختصاصی



For more information about the cost of exquisite books, the Holy Quran, and divan of poets, contact the Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World.