Web page development, designing and programming (website developing and maintaining)

The internet which is in progress and welcomed for cheapness and comprehensiveness, is used to advertise and introduce goods.
Using Flash, Html, and other professional software, the New World Institute designs website. Website designing consists of the following sections:
 Index: A fascinating entry page with beautiful graphics and an overview of what you have provided in your website. If a second language is available, the input key to any of the languages will be included in the input page. This page plays a very important role in driving visitors to your website.

Flash Intro: Taking the maximum advantage of the multimedia features at the beginning of the website, a beautiful animation can, in addition to presenting it briefly, leave a memorable memory in the viewer's mind.


In this section, the Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World offers the following services to customers:
1. Quick designing and delivery of the website;
2. Providing and offering web-based customer software (Web Basic Application);
3. Domain registration and (.org-.com-.ir ...) + Hosting;
4. Designing and implementing the network, network security, and inter-network connection information;
5. Producing multimedia CDs from the designed website;
6. Ability to search Google, Yahoo, and other search engines;
7. Ability to be linked from popular websites;
8. The possibility of changing the design of website at any time (changing information, adding information, eliminating information);
9. Generating and launching info emails;
10. The possibility of changing and updating by the customer; the required training will be provided by the New World Institute;
11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Statistics show that most employees only review the first 10 results of webpages. Hence, the effort of all websites and the goal of website optimization is to be ranked higher than other ones when searching for keywords.

Website features are as follows:
1. These programs can be used without geographical limitation;
2. No need for strong hardware;
3. No need to install special software, and a browser is enough to use the program;
4. Supporting these software is easier and remotely possible; etc.
For more information about the cost of website designing, host, and domain, contact the Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World.