Advertisement consulting, planning, and budgeting


Some people assume that because of the small size of their business, they can start advertising without any definition of their marketing strategies; it is a completely wrong idea.
In an active business, there is no small segment, but the operators are small. There is also no small advertising program in this area. That is to say, the size, the budget, and the scope of a business are not important; but it is the advertising investments that are always great. We offer five key solutions for small businesses which look for making more money through advertising

New World's First Offer: market, design, and follow a specific agenda.


Advertising chaos is caused by factors such as frequency and number of ads in the media, friend suggestions, attractions, and emotional behaviors that usually harm the business.
Regardless of the size of its activities, every business needs a well-planned approach towards its marketing advertisements to support its goals and create prosperity.
The key elements to design a coherent program are as follows:
Analyzing situations that include market data, customer information and performance, and their competitive evaluation; Assessing problems and weaknesses with opportunities and strengths; Overview of business and financial goals of the company; and goal setting, strategies, and logic for money spent on advertising.

New World's Second Offer: create a distinct application.

You need to differentiate your business from competing sellers who sell your product in an effective, memorable, and believable way. Then, you should obtain consistent and relevant information across all areas of your businesses and operations. Stabilizing the firm position is at the heart of creative and influential advertising strategies if these ads would be meaningful and unforgettable. Also, the main element of the position in advertising is its credibility. In other words, bigger claims will create much mistrust.

New World's Third Offer: consider customer's benefits.

No matter what you sell, what matters is customers' needs even if this is not the case for customers. Your advertisement does not end by ad making and printing advertisement brochure in the Internet, but it is just the start of your work.
For example, some home furnishing manufacturers emphasize the durability in advertising the quality of raw materials and the structure of their products, but we believe in promising as a more effective sweet sleep to design advertising in this business environment.
(Certainly customers look for good products at fair costs; however, trying to attract customers' attention in the first step is a key point in marketing).

New World's Fourth Offer: integrate all advertising activities

Take a top-down approach to gain better results in advertising strategies compared with other ones. Instead of focusing primarily on the specific components of advertising (media where advertising is broadcast, creative designs, paid cost, the number of customers who are attracted, and the proportion of different types of ads and advertisements), first think about those problems in your business that you can find a solution for. It's kind of the problem "forests and trees": If you focus on their mechanics, you may miss the main goal (which is really necessary). Make sure that in your advertising plan, all things are well-integrated and will bring new gain to your business.
(Adopting a bottom-up approach - converting the printing ads into TV and radio advertising, converting mails into telephone marketing, and adding new sale culture, especially internet marketing - ensures a consistent look and attitude that make your ads unique in every demand.)

New World's Fifth Offer: perform accountably

In principle, advertising is an experiment. You may not fully know how your advertising works; so, testing your assumptions is essential. Here are some key ways to measure and analyze your ads that will help you get positive advertising feedback:
• Creative actions with some primary advertising to respond the acceptable suggestions and demands that come with different messages follow up.
• Checking out the different media messages you use.
• Checking out the demographics and consumer behavior used in your mailing ad list and phone marketing.
• Examining the print and broadcast media, each of which has many combinations and variations.
While these tests and preparations may seem complicated and costly, they are in fact much cheaper than what most small businesses do (that is, ignoring these steps). To achieve the goal, the implementation of following flowchart is required:
Investigation and recognition


Aims: Identification, return of capital, benefit
Obviously, the more the investor's experience, the less the time of trial and error to get to zero; this avoids budget wasting. One of the main goals of an advertising Institute is to provide advertisement consulting, planning, and budgeting

An advertising Institute can offer the following services to employers:

A) Counseling: understanding the goal, understanding the way to achieve the goal, recognizing the quick way to return of capital. These are theoretical; so, experienced experts in the New World will give you these tips.
B) Planning: based on its understanding of the opportunities to deliver products or services, the New World presents its plans.
C) The necessary budget shall be assessed in accordance with the approved plan. The steps (b) and (c) will be proceed until the necessary corrections are made.

Obviously, spending high cost will not provide the best answer; but the cost should be proportionate to the investment to provide the goods and services. For example, if only one hundred million riyal is invested for commodity, advertising with a value of 50 million riyals is wrong unless the goal is to continue providing goods and services.

D) Establishing sale market websites: One concern of managers is the continuity and survival of their jobs. This cannot be achieved unless new customers arrive.
According to a study by the International Marketing and Advertising University, more than 80% of customers are looking to change their manufacturers. So, in the process, we lose some customers and we have to get some ones. Therefore, this needs a strong marketing and sale office department and the presence of experts.
The New World is proud to offer the following services for setting up marketing and sale websites:

1. Establishing the hardware part of marketing and sale unit
2. Establishing the software part of marketing and sale unit
3. Personnel training
4. Managing the marketing and sale units of departments and production and service companies

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