Marketing with the aim of selling and distributing products or offering services


After reviewing and approving the budget using the tools outlined in the following sections of this catalog, the New World Institute starts the marketing of products and services to factories, workshops, or service institutions with the aim of continuity of work, return of investment, and profitability. Given that this stage is the executive one, it is one of the most important parts of an advertising Institute.
The following sections cover a variety of marketing methods. Given these different modes of advertising, you will learn about these methods. In advertising marketing, business is very important. In our country, jobs are basically divided into three types:

A) Manufacturing
B) Services
C) Investment

Each of these sections is divided into broad subsets. So, the marketing method of one job is different from another. For example, the introduction and marketing of a traditional restaurant and a fast food, both of which are in the same subset, are different. Based on its experiences, The New World advertising Institute guides you

Finally, we should say that advertising is effective when it continues. For example, a company like Coca-Cola, after almost a century, still pays 35% for advertising, and the continuity in offering services leads to attracting new customers and continuing to work with existing ones. 

Marketing tools are divided into 6 sections:

Chapter 1: Consulting and Marketing

Chapter 2: Designing, Photography, Filmmaking

Chapter 3: Printing, Packaging, Post-print Services

Chapter 4: Environmental Advertising

Chapter 5: Audiovisual Advertising

Chapter 6: Advertising Gifts

Chapter 7- The world of distributionChapter

Chapter 8- Export and Import

The Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World is ready to provide you executive and consulting services in the six chapters above.

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In addition to advertising for marketing and sale, one activity of the New World Institute is direct distribution of goods and sale by large distributing companies and the return of capital and profit after subtracting the distributing costs. Certainly, when effective distribution is fulfilled, the producer only thinks about better production, and the content value of the product will be added every day, which in turn will attract more customers and much demand. Since distribution is costly and time-consuming, distributing the product itself is a dilemma for producers. The New World Institute has also solved this problem through making strong relationships with distributing companies, and is obliged to provide distribution and high sale for companies.


Of course, when distributing products, we must pay attention to the quantity of the product, the subject of the product, and its quality.
Each commodity has a good distribution site. The Institute offers all the components for good distribution, including distribution site, distribution rate, quality of goods, life time, production amount, packaging, advertising needed, etc.
For more information about the cost of marketing, distributing, and selling products, contact the Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World.