The first section - Setting up Manufacturing and Service Units (Creating Jobs)

Our business can be among the top businesses of today's era when it can play a good role in solving the basic problems of society.

Pay attention to these points before starting the factory and Manufacturing and service units.

Manufacturing and service businesses play an important role in the world of science, medicine, technology and certainly the economy of a country. Working in this field requires more skill and perseverance than working in any other business. Due to the day-to-day changes that occur in people's needs and demands, the competition in the world of product and service manufacturing is extremely high, and as a result, the smallest detail of a product or service, in terms of quality and of course its type of performance, plays an effective role. It has a stake in the success or failure of that business. If you have thought of establishing a manufacturing or service unit, you should pay attention to some basic factors. If you carefully examine and apply these basic principles and also have a proper plan for the different stages of your work, you will greatly increase the probability of your business success.


  • Drop the Excuse

Starting a business and running it requires strong determination. If a person wants to make an excuse for not doing anything, today's social life is full of excuses. Some excuses such as the pandemic of Covid-19, economic recession, etc. are common among many people. Also, any big or small personal incident may become an obstacle to start a business. One of the most basic principles of business, which leads to practical and direct results, is to put aside excuses and start doing. The interesting thing about excuses is that they can be easily defeated and discarded.


  • Know the Basic Rules and Process of Setting up a Manufacturing and Service Unit Properly

Different businesses have different rules and regulations. Manufacturing and service activities usually have more rigid principles. As a result, you are required to know all these instructions and apply them at different stages of establishing and starting your work. The most important laws mentioned in the regulations for setting up Manufacturing and service units are related to the health and safety of employees and the prevention of damage to the environment.

  • Make the Most of the Experience, Knowledge and Quality Characteristics that have already been achieved

Setting up business units such as large and small businesses is the goal of many economic activists. Today, it is not a secret to anyone that there are principles that are discussed and used among experts in this field, not only for starting and running a business, but also for any other economic activity. Without a doubt, learning, using and practicing these principles can leave positive effects on a business in the short and long term. In this way, it is very important to gather an experienced team and professional experts in starting any business. Also, applying the experiences of other businesses is the key to your success. You and your employees must have enough expertise to use this technique and learn the ins and outs of product Manufacturing from other activists in this field. If you or any of your work team has studied MBA or project management or have any certification in the field of business, you can handle this job.


People who enter a job or profession without sufficient research, sooner or later they will face a lack of knowledge. Therefore, in many cases, lack of knowledge and sufficient search leads to failure, vandalism or damage to the business. In the field of economic business, those who have complete information about the scientific, technical, economic, etc. aspects of the business they intend to enter, will be succeed before entering their business.


Draw a Road Map

Another business principle is accurate time and place planning. In fact, the person who runs a business should have a detailed operational plan regarding the predetermined goals of the said economic unit. These goals are usually divided into two groups: short-term goals and long-term goals. Dividing the road map as one of the principles of business allows the business owner to evaluate the plans and actions he has taken.

    • Check the Market Demand for the Product or Products You are Planning to Produce

    There must be applicants for the product or products you are considering, so that you have a logical justification for their manufacturing. This requires a lot of research and inquiry into the market and gaining an intelligent understanding of the demands of potential consumers of your products. So, first of all, you have to make sure that there are people who need your products, then move on to other effective factors.

    • Get to know Rival Factories and Manufacturing and Service Units that have Similar Products to your Desired Products

    When you are doing market research, you are only half way there by identifying and researching the products that people need and that have a lot of demand. Since the product you are looking for may have been produced by other factories, it is necessary to know what position you have in this market and among your competitors. You also need to know the role of large factories in this field and how you can benefit from its potential.

    • Have Accurate Statistics of the Capital required to set up a Factory and Manufacturing and Service Unit and a Plan to provide it

    Unlike some of today's businesses that require little initial capital and are not even dependent on a specific location for setting up, establishing a factory and manufacturing unit is not possible without having sufficient funds and considering a suitable working environment. Another requirement for establishing and starting a factory is buying equipment and machinery. In addition, hiring experts who specialize in the product or products you plan to produce has a separate cost that must be included in the initial budget.

    • Carefully check the Available Financial Sources and the Options ahead to provide the Initial Capital

    In order to be able to cover the costs of setting up the factory, you must have enough capital. If you don't have enough funds to invest in this way, you can try to attract capital by justifying investors and using various bank loans that are granted to entrepreneurs.

    • Choose the location of your factory and Manufacturing and service unit carefully

    The quality of the location that you consider for setting up your manufacturing and service unit is also one of the important points of establishment. You can set up your factory in industrial towns, but note that you should not be far from the market and your business partners. The same is true for service units.

    Think Big, Start Small.

    One of the principles of business is that the creative ideas used for business should be large and universal. On the other hand, according to the available resources and facilities, small and appropriate steps should be taken to pursue these ideas. This principle is based on the fact that big ideas always motivate people more. At the same time, it should be noted that the unattainability of great ideas may discourage people from continuing. Therefore, the other side of this principle is that reaching any big destination should be started with small steps.

NewWorld International Holding in the "World of Jobs" department, after receiving the customer's request and their allocated budget and the interests of the respected employer, by studying the geography of the region, the market needs of the region, economic justification, technical justification, etc., proceed to write a justification plan and The proposal is in all economic, technical and executive fields before construction and operation and after construction and operation. Then, according to the approval of the customer and the arrangement of the contract, he builds, equips, sets up and operates the Manufacturing and service unit. Our work does not end here, and we consider ourselves obliged to be with our respected employers until the time of the additional launch and presentation of the product to the market, sales and fixing potential problems, and we even have the ability to manage that Manufacturing and service unit after launch.


Invest safely with NewWorld International Holding


All kinds of factories and workshops and manufacturing and service units are divided into 4 branches, and NewWorld International Holding will be by your side in all these branches from design to implementation and operation.

1- Industrial Prerequisite Branch

  1. Waste recycling and optimal technology (separation and transformation into raw materials)
  2. Manufacturing of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides
  3. Farming companies
  4. Packaging Industry
  1. Paper and cardboard products, cartons, boxes, envelopes
  2. Glass products (glass jar, medicine and drink, food)
  3. Metal products(tin plate cans, cans, fancy metal boxes, aluminum cans, aluminum spray containers)
  4. Plastic products (plastic handbags, sacks, Adstar bags, injection plastic containers)
  5. Fiber products (fabric, textile fibers, glass wool)
  6. Wood products (chipboard, melamine)
  7. Soil artifacts (types of construction materials)


2- Industrial Branch

1) Downstream Industries

  1. Food industry factories
  2. Cosmetic factories
  3. Detergent and cellulose factories
  4. Furniture manufacturing (office and home)
  5. Manufacturing of parquet and partition
  6. Construction factories
  7. Garment manufacturing factories




2) Upstream Industries

  1. Aviation industry (aircraft and helicopter manufacturing)
  2. Industrial machine building, wagon making
  3. Diesel manufacturing (bus, minibus, truck, lorry, tractor, combine)
  4. Automobile manufacturing (cars, motorcycles, bicycles)
  5. Household appliances manufacturing factories
  6. Factories producing audio and video equipment
  7. Medical equipment manufacturing factories
  8. Factories for making car parts and spare parts
  9. Power plants
  10. Solar panel manufacturing factories and wind power plants
  11. iron and steel
  12. Cement and plaster
  13. Transportation (road, rail, sea, air)
  14. Refinery
  15. Petrochemical




3- Cultural Branch

  1. Setting up cultural, commercial, administrative, hypermarket complexes
  2. Setting up private TV channels
  3. Setting up a movie town to produce movies and series
  4. Setting up theaters and cinemas


4- Educational Branch

  1. Setting up the university
  2. Setting up the school



5- Treatment Branch

  1. Setting up pharmaceutical factories
  2. Setting up a hospital and clinic



6- Economic Branch

  1. Setting up a bank
  2. Leasing setup
  3. Setting up insurance