Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a set of activities that are done to promote products and services using digital tools. Digital Marketing is a term for marketing products or services through digital technologies. Digital Marketing is possible through any digital media such as mobile phones, advertising screens, etc. When you're trying to develop a Digital Marketing strategy, where do you start? Every strategy needs a regular planning and its precise implementation. One of the main reasons for the failure of many businesses is not having a strategy plan. So, your first task is to write a program and execute it accurately.

Recommendations for developing a Digital Marketing strategy

 More important than having or not having a strategy, consider and compare the position you have now and the position you want to achieve in a few years in your plan. In fact, you should determine your purpose, position and needs in your planning. You have a long-term plan that you intend to achieve in the 10th year, but you should set smaller goals in your short-term plans during these ten years so that with the help of these goals you can reach the bigger goal. Digital strategy planning is the same. One of the best points of it is having measurement tools to find out how much feedback the way you have chosen for advertising has had, such as email marketing you should check, how many of the emails you send are read and what The amount of clicks on them. No matter how big or small your company is, it needs a Digital Marketing plan, so many companies have a unique Digital Marketing plan for their Digital Marketing.

Next, we want to address the problems of not having a strategy for Digital Marketing:

1- Being directionless

2- You will not know your online market share

3- Competitors gain market share

4- You will not have any special offer online.

5- You will not know your online customers properly

6- Your business will fall apart

7- Establishing a sufficient budget

8- Waste of money and time

9- You will not have any new offers and you will operate like a normal store

10- Your website will not be optimized.



A) What is the offline type of Digital Marketing

The same marketing activities that have been implemented in a traditional and environmental way, if using digital tools, are included in this category:

a) Enhanced Environmental Marketing

Some traditional marketing activities can sometimes be combined with digital tools and have more impact. For example, in the city of Tehran, you can see more than 4,000 advertising structures such as billboards, strawboards, etc. every day, all of which are competing with each other to attract your attention. Digital Marketing of this type can be found in electronic billboards, which were once very popular.



Another type of marketing is sampling marketing, which is very popular. This means that companies provide their product in smaller dimensions or a sample of it to others so that they can buy it after testing it. Now, in this type of Digital Marketing, if you have a product or service, you can also think about digital sampling, an example of which you can see today in large mobile stores or Samsung agencies or... or advertising systems. An interaction that also exists in the famous arcades of Tehran

b) Radio Marketing

Not only in Iran, but also in the most advanced countries of the world, radio is still not dead and can be used as a media and channel for Digital Marketing. Pay attention to the statistics in this regard:

In the United States, the average per capita listening to radio is 2 hours per day. In Iran, 34% of the population listens to the radio every week, and some of them listen to the radio for more than an hour a day. Therefore, radio also allocates a part of the organization's budget.

Using radio to broadcast an advertising message between programs or even sponsoring a program can be this type of Digital Marketing.


c) TV Marketing

Television marketing is also very common and popular and has encouraged many businesses to use this Digital Marketing channel due to the large audience it has had among the public for years. And that is why it imposes huge costs on companies and small or start-up organizations cannot afford it.

d) Tel Marketing

"Telephone marketing and sales" is one of the most common marketing and sales tools and a scientific knowledge along with empirical support and practical skills that only qualified people and powerful companies to boost marketing and sales activities are able to get the most incomes from this efficient and profitable tool in the best way.

Fax Marketing

Sending group faxes by special marketing fax machines is called fax marketing for specific target groups, and they are very effective because of paper advertisements and more lasting than other advertisements. NewNet is proud to offer the best services in this field to its valued customers by having Fax Marketing software and dynamic database.

b) What is the online type of Digital Marketing?

In this type of marketing, which is called online marketing for short, you communicate with customers more quickly and accurately using the Internet and perhaps with the help of other digital tools, and each of your campaigns, if a good return Due to the cost it has not created, you will not repeat it. Even in this type, you can design a different campaign for a part of your customers than another part. (A/B testing to measure which campaign is more successful to stop the other, which will greatly improve your costs and efficiency).

The types of noline Digital Marketing are:

a) Email Marketing

The first email was sent in 1971. Strangely, considering the speed of technology growth, a large part of the Digital Marketing budget is still dedicated to email marketing. Email marketing is one of the types of Digital Marketing that has a good rate of return on investment and experiences a growth of about 4% every year compared to the previous year. There are various tools to optimize email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

The general concept of email marketing is simple. You select a set of potential and existing customers. Then you email these people through a well-strategized digital campaign. If your strategy and campaign work, you can convert leads into sales and convert once-only buyers into loyal customers.

b) Content Marketing

In simple terms, content marketing is helping to generate leads and ultimately through "presenting content" to the audience, which has an indirect effect and with its usefulness, it leads to attracting the interest and trust of the audience, which plays a major role in turning the "audience into a customer".

c) Video Marketing

The definition of video marketing is very simple: using video to advertise or introduce your brand, sell your products or services. Video marketing can be used for anything including building customer relationships. In addition, video marketing can be a means of demonstrating how to use, encouraging customers, live events and providing entertaining content. In recent years, many content marketing has moved towards video. With the increasing influence of video marketing in 2005, YouTube came to the online scene and opened a way for video expression, and with its growth, many companies began to create profiles for themselves. The statistics of video marketing are expanding day by day and this trend creates an opportunity for businesses to inspire, awaken emotions and demand the needs of their audience using a reliable and authentic way.

d) Click Ads

Click advertising is a method of advertising in which the advertiser is required to pay only when the ad is clicked and the desired link is displayed by the visitor. Click ads are equivalent to "Pay Per Click" and "Cost Per Click" and their abbreviations are PPC and CPC respectively. This method is always in conflict with SEO and site optimization.

In click ads, you receive clicks and pay according to the price per click you set and the budget you consider for your click ads.

e) Influencer Marketing

In these platforms, you can do influencer marketing well and communicate with the right influencer according to the topic of your ad and deliver your ads to millions of users in Social Media.

f) Publication of Ad Reportage

Ad Reportage is another Digital Marketing tool that helps you attract the attention of many users by publishing appropriate and attractive content. Businesses publish content in other media under the name of reportage with various goals, including increasing brand awareness, SEO, public relations, and increasing sales. By using ad reporting platforms, you can display your content on many popular sites. In addition to this tribune, by providing detailed reporting, it helps you analyze and review your campaign so that you can run a more efficient and effective campaign.

What is the reportage of the ad? How to write Ad Reportage?

As its name suggests, "Ad Reportage" is a type of commercial advertisement that uses the structure of a narrative report.

Ad Reportage; A (triple profits) transaction

Advertisements of the ad report type have unique advantages for the reader, advertiser and ad publisher. People enjoy seeing Ad Reportage in the media. Potential buyers view advertising as "actionable news" that provides them with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision about whatever they need. A well-written ad report presents this information in an interesting and more engaging format than conventional advertising. Reportage ads are entertaining and useful for readers and a powerful tool for advertisers. Advertisers give their business a "face" by using ad reportage, humanize it, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

How to write an effective Ad Reportage

  1. Don't try to tell the whole story of your customers
  2. Create a face for businesses
  3. Write about things that are interesting to readers
  4. Write catchy and attractive
  5. g) Online Chat

Today, immediately after entering many sites, a small online chat box opens at the bottom of the right page and gives the audience a good feeling of constant support and companionship. The online chat and support tool helps you to easily communicate with your site's audience and analyze their behavior.


h) SMS Marketing

You must have received an advertising SMS before. SMS advertisements about product introductions, new service introductions, special sales conditions, discounts, openings, etc., which are sent to mobile phones on a daily basis, are actually part of the marketing process called SMS marketing. With the advancement of technology and the creation of facilities such as sending SMS, all kinds of new marketing methods such as SMS marketing have emerged. SMS Marketing is a low-cost, easy and fast way to send promotional SMS to the audience en masse. SMS marketing, if it is done by choosing a short, effective advertising SMS and sending it to real audiences, it will leave excellent feedback and performance. Working with bulk SMS sending panels is simple and convenient and every person, organization and company can do it easily. On the other hand, the cost of implementing SMS marketing is low compared to other marketing methods, and on the other hand, it has a high effectiveness. Many companies, organizations, stores and institutions use the SMS marketing method to introduce new products, special services and inform customers and audiences. Since most people in the society have access to mobile phones and check their SMS, therefore, good results can be obtained from SMS marketing if it is used properly.

Send Push Notifications

A push notification is a message similar to a short message (SMS) that can include an image, headline, and short text that is sent to your users and drives them back to your website or app. Every day, millions of advertising and non-advertising push notifications are sent to different users around the world. You can use different platforms to send push notifications and increase your interaction with users. With the help of push notification sending platforms such as Najva, you can increase the return rate of users to the site, the amount of sales and traffic of your site and remind them of your presence by sending notifications to millions of users.

Types of businesses that use Digital Marketing:

  • Online stores: These businesses make a living by selling products online. Any business that has a product that can be sold on the Internet is included in this category.
  • Lead generators: Many businesses do not actually offer products and services directly in the digital space. Rather, their product or service is offered in the offline world. In such businesses, it is very important to get a clue from the target audience, such as contact number, email, etc., that they can collect the information of interested parties in the best way in the digital space by introducing their services, and then proceed to telephone and even face-to-face marketing.

What does a digital marketer do, what are the duties of a Digital Marketing manager?

Digital marketers are those who use all Digital Marketing channels to increase brand awareness or attract customers according to the company's goal and budget. Digital marketers focus on specific key performance indicators (KPIs). And according to them and their accurate measurement, they measure the efficiency of each of their different campaigns in different channels and implement the best ones with these results.

In a startup or small business, a digital marketer may take on all Digital Marketing responsibilities. But in larger organizations, over time, specific specialists emerge for each of the Digital Marketing channels and tactics. For example, the following roles are common in larger organizations:


Main KPI


Organic Traffic

SEO Manager

User time spent on page, total blog traffic

Content Marketing Manager

Number of followers, shares, engagement

Social Media Manager

Email open rate, click rate on email links

Email Marketing Manager

Do you need a lot of budget for Digital Marketing?

It depends on your Digital Marketing strategy. For the first category, which was offline Digital Marketing, your costs may be very high. The staggering prices of television advertisements cannot be ignored. But in online marketing methods, there are much cheaper methods available.


What is the general framework of Digital Marketing?

Four frameworks are common in the field of Digital Marketing goals and channels called RACE Reach-Act-Convert-Engage framework. In each of these stages, the goals and marketing channels and methods will be different. In the reach section, the goal is to attract customers or familiarize them with the services. Offline or online marketing can be used in this section. In the Act section, the goal is for the customer to make his first purchase and to be activated, so to speak. In this section, Social Media, landing pages, remarketing, email marketing or... can be used.

In the Convert section, the goal is for the customer to become a frequent buyer, which means frequent sales for any company with any amount of sales.  Retargeting, UGC, CRO, personalization, email marketing, etc. can be used in this section, and finally, the purpose in the Engage section is to make the customer a loyal and regular customer, or to make him loyal again if his repeated purchases have decreased or he hasn't made a purchase in a while. In this sector, automatic personalization, loyalty programs, CRM systems, etc. are common tactics.


Advertising in Social Media

Other Social Media have become a part of our daily lives. Through these networks, we follow the news of the day, read our favorite content and communicate with our friends. By using Social Media, you can create a good opportunity for your business brands to make your brand name permanent in the minds of users and establish a friendly relationship with them. Also, publishing your ad on various and highly used Social Media can have a significant impact on your income and help your business grow a lot.

What is Social Media?

Social Media means Social Media. Social Media is a tool to get traffic and audience attention to your brand or business. One of the ways to get more visitors for your business or brand is to use Social Media. The purpose of Social Media is to create specific and healthy content that is shared to be shown to other people. It is a useful content that is an attractive and hot topic and can be shared among users in a viral way in all networks. In addition to Social Media, create a website to show your business or brand more officially and gain the trust of your customers.

To make your audience loyal:

1- Get to know your customers through social channels and Social Media.

2- Focus on your customers.

3- Share your experiences with them.

4- Talk to your customers and get to know them.

5- Find out about the interests of your customers.

The most used Social Media

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Twitter
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Linkedin Corporation
  6. Pinterest
  7. Telegram
  8.  Instagram



Advantages of using Social Media

  • Increasing reputation in Social Media
  • Branding in Social Media
  • Social Media and profit making
  • Social Media and brand loyalty
  • Social Media and cost reduction
  • Increase site traffic

Criteria for successful interaction of users with your brand through Social Media:

  • Number of post likes
  • Number of posts shared
  • Number of display posts
  • Number of comments on posts
  • Number of profile views
  • Brand recall