21-1- Advertising on Google

There are two ways to advertise on Google. a) SEO b) Adwords

As the most visited site, Google is one of the best sites that you can use to advertise your website. In this method, your website's ads will be displayed in Google search results for searched words related to your field of activity. Your website will be displayed in Google search results in two ways, the first method is to pay a fee, and Google calls this method paid search results, where you pay Google for advertising. You will be displayed in search results. This method is called AdWords. In the second method, SEO and optimization operations are performed on your website so that the website is on the first page of Google for the keywords related to your site, which Google considers the websites that are displayed in its main results as natural search results. (Organic search results) and this operation is called SEO. So, advertising on Google can be done in two ways: AdWords and SEO, which we explain in the following section:

A) Advertising on Google through SEO

In fact, this method is to raise the site naturally in Google search results, and its advertising costs are much lower than AdWords. In this method, no fee is paid to Google, but the principles and rules of SEO are observed so that the site is high in the Google search engine for the keywords of the website. In order for the site to be naturally high in the search results, the principles and rules of SEO should be observed on the site and the site should be updated regularly. Also, backlinking should be done for the website in order to increase the website's rank in the Google search engine. Today, this method is one of the best methods of advertising on the Internet, and its costs are much lower than other methods of Internet advertising. Also, permanence is one of the other features of this method, and if the principles and rules of SEO are followed correctly and appropriate activities are carried out on the website, the website will always be displayed in the search engine. In this way, the website owner should continuously upload new content related to his activity and the needs of the customers on his website and the site should be active. SEO and website optimization, which ultimately leads to the display of your website in the natural search results of Google, should be done in several different phases, which are mentioned in the following section.

  • Adhering to SEO principles on the website and designing the site with the latest SEO methods and rules
  • Regularly and periodically, you should upload new and useful content and content that is needed by your users.
  • Backlinking for the website in order to increase the ranking of the website in search engines
  • Continuity of backlinking and content creation forever on the website
  • Use of Social Media to increase visits and job credibility of the group
  • Using other advertising methods to attract more visitors and increase brand credibility and branding for the website

In order to get the best results from your ads on Google, you need to optimize your website for internet marketing.

"Additional explanations are mentioned in section (20-3) of the same chapter"

B) Advertising on Google through AdWords

To advertise on Google, you need to enter the Google AdWords website and activate your ad. Activating the ad requires a valid credit card, Visa or MasterCard, or a PayPal account, and Google will activate your account after a while, and doing this requires a lot of experience. In this way, you can specify keywords for the Google search engine so that your site is displayed in the search results when the user searches for the desired word. This ad is displayed on the top or right side of Google search results. So, when the user searches for your desired article in the search engine, your site will be displayed among the Ad items in the Google search results. The cost of this type of advertisement is paid in two ways, the first and most suitable method is when the user clicks on your advertisement, and the cost of the click is deducted from your account. The cost per click depends on the keyword. In some keywords, the cost of advertising is around 1 cent, and in others, it is even a few dollars. In the second method of paying for advertising, Google deducts an amount from your account for a certain number of views, for example, $10 for every 1000 views of your site in the ad results. The ad was filtered by AdWords in Iran and users could not enter your website after clicking on your ad. Recently, contact numbers are considered in the advertisement so that when a user wants to contact the group, he can contact the company by seeing the company's contact number in AdWords ads. This type of advertisement can still be displayed for users outside Iran without any problem. If you are not among the main results on the first page of Google, you can try this method. In AdWords, you can even specify the location of the ad display, for example, choose which countries you want your ad to be displayed in, as well as in which regions and cities. You can also specify the ad display hours so that your ad in AdWords is displayed only during working hours. The cost of advertising in Google in the form of AdWords is for every dollar charged at the price of a dollar a day.

A few points about AdWords advertising

It is better to display only inside Iran to prevent any misuse of your ad and unnecessary clicks by your competitors. The advertisement report will be sent to you on a daily basis directly from the Google website, and in this way you will be informed of the statistics of clicks on your advertisements with an official report from Google.

Why is SEO better than Google AdWords?

  • SEO and website optimization is long-term and permanent; however, if your AdWords budget runs out, the website will stop appearing on the first page of Google.
  • Due to the increase in the exchange rate, the advertising tariff in Google has increased, while there has not been much change in the tariffs for SEO and website optimization.
  • Google AdWords causes currency to leave the country, while SEO and website optimization creates new jobs such as backlink builders and content producers, which creates jobs in the country and improves the country's economy.
  • It is possible that in the future, Google will completely block its AdWords services for Iran, and this will cause a lot of loss for companies that put their advertising budgets on Google AdWords.
  • Previously, Google AdWords was filtered in Iran and it was not possible to use it, and this may happen again.

Considering the increase in the exchange rate and the new policies of Google to increase your income from Google AdWords ads, it is better to base your marketing and customer attraction on the basis of SEO and website optimization. Recently, there have been many changes in Google AdWords click ads, which have reduced its efficiency. One of these changes is that in the recent update, if the country of Iran is activated for the location of the ad, your ad may be blocked by Google, and in order for your ad not to be disabled, it is necessary to set the location of your ad to all countries, and this is the case. It reduces the effectiveness of advertising.



Advertising in Google AdWords:

We have put different ways for you to advertise on Google. You can leave the entire management and execution of your advertising campaign to us and receive a daily report on the performance of your campaign, or you can do all the work yourself and we will only charge your account. How much you want to spend to advertise on Google is up to you, you can start with AdWords plans at a low price and increase your advertising budget after seeing success. In Google ads, you only pay when someone is really interested in your product and clicks on its ad. So don't worry about the costs you spend on advertising.

Advertising plans in Google AdWords:

Google Adwords

Silver plan

Plan Gold

Platinum plan

300 dollars



Number of clicks

500 to 1500

1500 to 2500

2500 to 6000

Keyword advice




Number of keywords




Guaranteed click




Send report to email




Prices are monthly.