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I) Breast badge

Advertising breast badge is designed to recognize people who are usually members of a particular organization, company, or group, and is fitted to breast or coat collar. It is also called "breast tag", "brooch", and "breastpin". The breast badge is produced as both ready-made and customized (as customer's order). The breast badge is produced in shapes of circles, ellipses, squares, and other customized shapes.

1) Breast badge classification in terms of shape

A) Colored breast badges with pre-made molds are of various shapes including:

A.1) Circle breast badge


A.2) Oval breast badge





A.3) Rectangular breast badge




A.4) Square breast badge


A.5) Official-organizational breast badge


B) Cutting breast badge

Cutting breast badges are breast badges of customized shapes and sizes (according to customer's request). The first step is designing. Then, laser engraving and printing are performed. Finally, for greater durability and beauty, the breast badge is plated

These breast badges are of three sizes:

- Small customized breast badge (2 * 2)

- Medium customized breast badge (5 * 5)

- Large customized breast badge (7 * 7)

2) Breast badge classification in terms of printing

2.1) Resin-coated color printing: The customized breast badge can be printed in color and covered with resin coating to maintain color fastness.

B) Engraving breast badge

The customized designs are usually engraved by the use of laser machines.


3) Breast badge classification in terms of clasp and tassel:

Customized breast badges can be fitted to the place with needle, magnet, and clips.

3.1) Needle breast badge

3.2) Magnet breast badge

3.3) Clips breast badge

For more information about the cost of breast badges, contact the Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World.

II) Advertising pixel

Advertising pixels are of circular, square, and rectangular shapes in different sizes and attached to the place by needle, magnet, and clips.

A) Pixel classification in terms of size

a) Small pixel up to 2 * 2 cm

b) Medium pixel up to 5 * 5 cm

c) Large pixel up to 7 * 7 cm


B) Pixel classification in terms of shape

A) Square pixels

B) Circle pixels

C) Rectangular pixels

D) Oval pixels

C) Pixel classification in terms of clasp and tassel

a) Needle pixel

b) Magnet pixel

c) Clips pixel


Clips circle pixel


Clips circle pixel 


Clips rectangular pixel


Clips oval pixel


Clips oval and square pixel


Needle circle pixel


Needle circle pixel


Magnet circle pixel



For more information about the cost of square pixel, circle pixel, rectangular pixel, and oval pixel, contact the Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World.

III) Medal

The medal is used to honor the athlete and the champion, which is usually in a circle up to 5 cm in diameter with a fabric pendant and is produced in different editions.

Medal Code: M4

Medal Code: M3

Medal Code: M2

Medal Code: M1

Medal Code: M9

Medal Code: M8

Medal Code: M7

Medal Code: M6

Medal Code: M5

Medal Code: M10

Medal Code:M11

Medal Code: M12


IV) Cup

New World designs and manufactures different types of cups. The cost of the cup depends on the material used and the size of the cup.

Cup code: K4 

    Cup code:K2      

    Cup code:K3

  Cup code:K1

  Cup code:K5   

  Cup code:K6

Cup code:   K7  



For information about the cup price list, contact the New World Printing and Advertising Design Collection.

V) Neck pendant (personal card holder)

New World Design, Printing and Advertising Collection produces all kinds of neck apses, personal card holders, pendants for exhibitions, conferences and seminars. In neck pendants, the company's logo, conference and seminar can be printed or woven. 



The New World will replace the Talkhi ID card in any size.

VI) Desktop identification label

The desktop identification label is made of metal (aluminum), Plexiglas and PVC, and it is possible to print color on them.  



All desktop identification labels are provided with and without printing.

VII) Breast identification label

New World produces all kinds of personal breast identification labels on aluminum and PVC with 6 colors and 100% waterproof printing without restrictions and sizes, and the breast identification label is provided in magnetic and needle form. 


Product specifications:

-A strong aluminum, metal and magnet alloy, PVC
- Print four colors up to 6 colors with great quality.
-Do not limit the color, size and number.
- Ability to print people's logo, name and image.
-Resistant to heat up to 300 degrees.
-For the use of men and women.
- Washable and anti-scratch.
-How to install without needle





VIII) Electronic breast augmentation

Electronic breast implants were the latest type of breast implants available at the New World Advertising and Advertising Center with the latest technology. This product has many different capabilities. These features include the ability to display different texts in each language on electronic chest markers. This product has various colors, the ability to display Persian and English texts, etc. The ability to display logos and logos, various modes of moving and fixed displays, and the ability to display texts and images up to 8 items.



For information on the price list of the breast recognition label, contact the New World Printing and Advertising Design Collection.