Advertising maquette (building maquette)

 The Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World has significant activities in the field of building advertising maquette using wood, plexi, board, Styrofoam, etc. Usually these maquettes are used for construction or industrial projects.
Maquettes are usually in four sizes including:

I) small; II) medium; III) large; and IV) field maquette.

3D advertising maquettes are designed and manufactured in a variety of sizes and volumes, as fixed or movable.

Construction maquette no. 4   

Construction maquette no. 3


    Construction maquette no. 2

Construction maquette no. 1


Construction maquette no. 5

Construction maquette no. 6

Construction maquette no. 7

 Construction maquette no. 8

    Construction maquette no. 9

Construction maquette no. 10

Construction maquette no. 12  

  Construction maquette no. 11

Advertising volumetric maquette no. 1

Advertising volumetric maquette no. 2  

Advertising volumetric maquette no. 3  

Advertising volumetric maquette no. 4


Stack promotional volume replica

Aydin promotional replica

White volumetric replica


Industrial replica 1

Industrial replica 2

One-volume promotional replica

Industrial replica 3  

Volumetric replica of billboard 1

Volumetric replica of billboard 2


Beauty replica  

Plexiglas replica  

    Billboard volume replica

For more information about the cost of advertising volumetric maquettes, construction maquettes, and advertising maquettes, contact the Designing, Printing, and Advertising Institute of the New World.