New World Resume


New world at a glance

New World Collection in the field of meeting the needs of jobs and manufacturing industries (branding) in the fields of:

 Marketing consulting and distribution of products and services
Printing, packaging
Graphic design, 3D design, photography and filmmaking
Advertising (environmental advertising, exhibitions, website design, programming, e-marketing and promotional gifts)


This collection started its activities in 2004 in the field of printing and related industries. Gradually, however, the scope of the company’s activities was expanded to meet the needs of the day and new technologies, and with the completion of specialized units, the company was able to meet most of the needs of business and manufacturing industries with the help of God Almighty and gaining customers’ trust. Cover and paint a new world in front of the eyes of business owners in order to grow their business in the right way.

The company’s policy in providing services is based on quality management standards and comprehensive observance of customer rights. Benefiting from expertise based on knowledge and experience, this company has managed many projects successfully and has the honor of cooperating with the largest production and industrial complexes in all parts of the country. In addition, the customers’ welcome for the coherent and integrated way of providing services has caused, thanks to this satisfaction, the introduced customers to have a significant share among our audience. Also, by adhering to the commitment and improving the quality and sometimes the exclusive executive power in some complex and technical projects, we are proud to receive many customers beyond the borders of our homeland.

What has paved the way for this success has been the great attention and diligence of this collection to provide a comprehensive document of all the needs of jobs and manufacturing industries and its operational platform, which has been seriously pursued from the first day until today, and we are pleased that Today, we have gained years of experience and unremitting efforts of the company’s experts in the form of websites and product catalogs of the New World, at the service of esteemed customers.

The New World views branding as a single strategy and believes that the processes of marketing, advertising, printing, packaging and sales, etc. should be pursued with a coherent content and goal. Efforts have been made to justify this. The services provided in this company should be complete and comprehensive to cover all the business needs of customers.

Mission and goals:
Relying on the capabilities of years of successful project management and implementation, New World seeks to pave the ups and downs of business for its valued customers by introducing strategies and business needs and implementing them. To provide a comprehensive package of all these requirements in a coherent and classified manner and with full consultation to applicants so that each customer can use these services depending on their job needs.

New World Collection in preparing, compiling and updating this comprehensive collection (catalog of New World products and services) and, of course, more importantly, gaining the ability and platform to implement their operations among the leading companies (perhaps the first company with this scope of activity) Which could not be achieved except in the shadow of customer trust and tireless efforts of New World personnel.

We are proud that after 13 years since the beginning of the New World activity, we are generally taking steps to meet the needs of our customers in the form of 6 chapters and 28 major sections and on a case by case basis with more than 350 titles of products and services.

In order to achieve the goals in order to increase productivity and customer satisfaction, the New World Group has made the following axes as its main strategies:

1- Attracting customers’ satisfaction and maintaining their dignity through appropriate treatment, providing transparent services and accurate information

2- Benefiting from specialized, experienced and creative human resources

3- Using the latest and highest quality hardware and software equipment in the fields of design, photography, printing, packaging and …

4- Using up-to-date software and automated systems (CRM) in executive activities and administrative processes to facilitate service delivery

5- Continuous efforts to cover new products and services and new approaches

6- Adherence to the principles of continuous quality improvement in the field of providing services and products and improving the quality level of equipment and manpower in line with new knowledge

New World Organizational Chart:

The New World consists of 5 main units that operate under the direct supervision of management. In order to expedite processes, facilitate service delivery and customer relationship management (CRM), automation of cross-sectoral processes using modern hardware and software systems has been on the company’s agenda since late 1993, with the end of the operational phase. It is now in operation. With the operation of this system, an important step was taken in the field of customer satisfaction, which will facilitate the processes from ordering to delivery of goods, speeding up the processing of requests and instant follow-up and informing the project step by step, etc. .

 Marketing and sales unit:
New World Marketing and Sales Unit, with the help of specialized and trained manpower, is responsible for expertise of customer needs, conducting market research and analysis of marketing, sales, advertising and customer relationship management in general, as well as The title of the first line of communication, while maintaining respect and dignity, is responsible for responding to the requests of callers, conducting initial consultation and related follow-up.

 Electronic Marketing Unit:
This unit includes website management and virtual network management.

In addition to introducing the company’s products and services by providing complete details of all aspects and stages of services, the institute’s website is one of the most complete resources used by businesses and manufacturing industries, and a lot of efforts have been made to provide this collection. . For the well-being of customers, arrangements have been made for ordering and inquiring about costs online through the institute’s website. The online platform will be workable.

Producing the content of “educational articles” in related fields and “business news” on the site of the institute is another task of this unit, which is constantly updated to improve the knowledge of the New World audience and to facilitate access to other Virtual networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, etc. are also shared.

 Commercial and production unit:
This unit consists of two departments of trade and production, the commercial department is responsible for providing the raw materials needed by the institute. Carrying out research to select the best type of material and identifying and concluding a memorandum of cooperation with the manufacturers of these supplies is one of the main tasks of this unit.

The production sector, in interaction with the commercial sector, is responsible for the operational implementation of projects and in addition is responsible for monitoring the quality of production. Due to the importance of quality in production and its role in customer satisfaction, the performance of this unit is more serious. Supervised by management. Also, if needed and requested by customers, it is possible to visit in person and monitor the implementation of projects.

 Design unit:
The New World design unit, as a specialized department, is ready to carry out projects at excellent levels, using up-to-date knowledge and the high capacity of its personnel. For the well-being of our dear customers, all matters related to graphic design, 3D design, filmmaking, illustration, photography, web design, programming and multimedia programs, etc. can be done completely. According to the company’s strategy to fully meet the needs of customers, no project outsourcing is done and the design unit also operates with the necessary platform and the use of efficient staff in various fields.

 Informatics Unit (IT):
With the expansion of the company’s activities in various fields and the consequent increase in requests, the existence of an integrated system to accelerate the process of providing services and maintaining communication with customers was felt. Therefore, this unit was assigned to optimize all internal processes and customer relationship management (CRM) by implementing this system. With the establishment of this system, most of the activities of this company in the fields of marketing, design, customer relationship management, etc. will be done in integrated computer hardware and software platforms, which this unit is responsible for addressing the needs of the institution. In these areas. Upgrading the quality of hardware and equipping the system with the latest software and continuous training of employees are among the other measures of this unit.

Administrative unit :
The New World administrative unit consists of personnel, accounting, transportation and legal departments. The task of this unit is to deal with the internal affairs of the institute, matters related to manpower, logistics and transportation, finance, accounting and legal issues.

 New World Products and Services:
Experience has shown that the breadth of services that can be provided in the field of business needs and production centers has caused customers to be confused in choosing products and services, which will have adverse consequences for the survival of companies. Therefore, the New World, based on experience and expert studies, for better decisions and easier access to products and services, has divided all these cases into 6 main chapters and 28 sub-sections, each of which depends on the variety. It is self-contained, which we will briefly explain each of the main chapters in the following:


: Chapter 1 – Consulting and Marketing
Undoubtedly, the main issue in the survival of business and companies is to have the necessary strategies for marketing, sales, distribution of products, services and advertising. Business management without the right strategy will result in a waste of resources. Had. Determining this strategy is a specialized task that requires a different approach depending on the needs of each job. During the years of activity of the New World, the high diversity of customers in terms of trade and profession, has gradually promoted specialized knowledge in this field and gaining successful experiences has made this collection can design a suitable model of services required by jobs depending on the needs of each job. Present in the form of the following sections.

Consulting and advertising planning and budgeting

 Marketing to sell products or provide services



Chapter 2- Design, photography, filmmaking
One of the factors that make branding strategies effective is paying attention to the language of the image and its colorful role in influencing the audience. Design, photography and filmmaking are effective tools to achieve this goal. Due to the high importance of this case, the new world has always emphasized on improving the quality of services provided in this field and has been able to successfully implement large projects in its years of activity by benefiting from creative and capable designers. The services of this chapter are performed in the following two sections:

Graphic design and execution

 Photography and video services – filmmaking

 Chapter 3 – Printing, Packaging, After Printing Services

Most of the needs of businesses (both in production and marketing and advertising) are met through printing projects. Therefore, the services provided in this chapter are highly diverse, which is available in a categorized form through the company’s website. With the help of God Almighty, this chapter has been specially developed since the beginning of the New World, and today we are pleased that all stages of printing, packaging and after-sales service (from design and lithography to assembly) with the highest quality and use of the best equipment and quality. Most materials are made in this collection. The services of this chapter can be provided in the following 6 sections:


Printing projects

 Office services


Holograms and labels

Packaging Industry

 Hand luggage


  • Chapter 4- Environmental Advertising and Exhibition Affairs

Today, with the increasing growth of jobs and businesses, environmental advertising is one of the effective methods in advertising that has been noticed by various business owners. Due to the fact that environmental advertising has a high capacity in attracting the audience, the new world by providing the necessary infrastructure, a variety of such items (from billboards to ambient lighting, etc.) is covered by its services. Is . Also, due to the effective role of advertising in conferences and exhibitions, full services related to holding these events have been added to this chapter to meet the needs of customers in these sections in a comprehensive and without wasting time and money. Additional to be done. The services of this chapter can be provided in the form of 9 sections under the following headings.

Environmental advertising



Booth decoration




Model making

Chest badge, medal, teal pendant, cup



Chapter 5 – Audiovisual advertising and electronic marketing

With the introduction of new technologies, business owners have always used these technologies to introduce their goods and services. The high prevalence and widespread use of smart technologies has made this issue even more important, as the cost of these advertising methods is lower than other methods, and if they are implemented properly, they will be more effective. Moving in the direction of technology has always been one of the important principles of the New World collection, so with the emergence of these technologies, many expert studies were conducted in this company to end up with a comprehensive and efficient model in the field of electronic marketing. The services of this section include the following:


Build web pages

Specialized programming


Audio and visual advertising, e-marketing 



Chapter 6- Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are known as one of the best and most effective promotional methods as a way to show respect and instill a sense of worth and dignity to customers. The high variety of products and services in the field of promotional gifts, has made the companies providing these services only able to provide some of these items, so due to the lack of a complete reference in this field, the New World collection from years ago to develop activities. , Began to complete the products of this group and during these years provided a complete set of promotional gifts for the use of various businesses and guilds. This chapter consists of 4 main sections, which depending on the variety of products, include several sub-sections:

Promotional Gifts (Gift)

Maturity and telephone office


Exquisite books




  •     Chapter 7- The world of broadcasting

Distribution is the process of selling and delivering a product or service to customers. Which is an important part of a marketing strategy along with factors such as product, price and promotion. Products and services are distributed through channels such as direct sales, e-commerce, retail locations and partners. The distribution strategy may include multiple channels (with a separate pricing strategy for each). In distribution strategy, it is common to use different methods of managing channel partners. Broadcasting usually has a geographical element and using different channels for different regions is a common method. Partners, for example, may be used to access international markets. This chapter consists of 1 main section:

Distribution of products


Chapter 8- Exports and imports

Distribution is the process of selling and delivering a product or service to customers. An important part of an import marketing strategy actually means the arrival of goods, which of course is not the only product and the term is also used in the field of service. Import means that a good from one country enters a specific customs territory in another country. For this operation, there is a need to exchange currency between the country of origin and the country of destination and of course the third country, which in simple language is exchanged between the seller and the buyer.

This chapter consists of 1 main section:


Export and Import


Here are some of our customers:
1. Governmental bodies: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Ministry of Housing, Cultural Heritage Organization, Martyr Foundation, Roudaki Foundation, Nuclear Energy Organization, Iranian Gas Transmission Company, Ministry of interior, Ministry of Urban Development, Housing Cooperative, Cultural Housing Cooperative of Oj Company, Islamic Revolution Publishers Association, Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, National Center for Energy Development in Middle East, Red Crescent Society, Pars Oil and Gas, Post Organization, Institute of Medicinal Plants, Secretariat of Nurses Conference, Astronomy Sciences Center, Education department of district 5 in Tehran, Southwest Monuments Preservation Foundation in Tehran, International Symposium Secretariat, Quran Center, Department of Preservation and Dissemination of Holy Defense Values.
2. Tehran Municipality: Bahman Culture Hall, Recycling section of District 11, Recycling section of District 16, Shahriayaran-e-javan Hall, Electronic Services Office, Artistic and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality, Municipality of District 12, Omid Culture House, Tehran Municipality Personnel, Sports Organization.
3. Armed Forces: Police, Traffic Department, Army, Amin Police University, Corps.
4. IRIB: Channel 3, Tehran Channel, Quran News Institute, Press TV.
5. Banks: Tejarat, Eqtesad-e-novin, Maskan, Mellat, Agriculture, Afzal-e-Toos, Sarmayeh, Qavamin.
6. Elections: 9th and 10th Presidential Elections, 9th and 10th Parliament Elections, City Council Elections of Iraqi Parliament 2014, Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Elections.
7. Industrial Group: Zagros, Parizan Sanaat, Azaran Plastic, Profil-e-Kerman, Nahr baran-e-Zagros, Marpich, Parsian Glass, Saina, Ardel, Green Filter, Ilya Abfa Safety Equipment, Parsian Equipment, Eagle Machine, Padabgostar, Afrand Sanaat, Pasargad Gostraresh Abzar, Tehran Sofalin.
8. Automaker Groups: Zamyad, Bahman, Iran Khodro, Saipa, Kerman Khodro, Yataqan Bush-e-Iranian, Iran Khodro Diesel dealership.
9. Manufacturer of automobile components: Isako, Sahand Khodro, Raigo, Fara Majd Aria, Foolad Sang, Yataqan Bush, Judiko.
10. Universities: Chabahar University, Islamic Azad University, Tarbiat Modarres University, Islamic Azad University of Khark Branch, Islamic Azad University of Central Branch, Amir Kabir University, Payame Noor University, Aviation University, Khajeh Nasir University, Amin Officer University, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery.
11. Educational Institutions: Sanjesh and Danesh Institute, Kish Language Institute, Mahan Institute, Dr. Nekuei Institute, Fara Sanjesh Institute, Allameh Helly High school, Kharazmi, Tehran Cambridge, Qalamchi Institute, Cebria Institute, Afaq Institute, Talaei Publication, Tajik Publication, Nazim al-Bakaei School, Golestan-e-Danesh School, Taha Translation Center.
12. Computer Institutes (Hardware & Software): Almas Computer, International Almas, Soroush-e-Mehr, Panj Ganj, Dotcom Transmitter, Computer Land.
13. Investment & Leasing Companies: Damavand Leasing, Maskan-e-Javanan, Yad-e-Iranian, National Capital Brokerage, Retirement Fund of Bank Employees, Arman Capital Financing, Azadmanesh Brokerage, Sobhan Investment Company, Arya Stock Brokerage, Arya Khodro.
14. Food: Tehran Pegah, Ice Pack-e-Iranian, Kennedy Mix, Damash (Amir Mansour-e-Aria) Soliko, Iran Milk, Kaleh, Mehrshad, Ice Pack, Tina Nosh Asia, Kroker, Merikhi Namaki, Mehravaraan, Shilaneh, Apeshk, Aysoda , Dastchin Food Industries, Arsham Food Industries, Reyhan Dairy Industries, Dalaho Kala-e-Iranian Co., Afaq confectionery, Shali Industrial confectionery, Qarch-e-Sina, Mino Asal.
15. Fast Food: Pizza Nonouche, Shaqayeq vala, Vanak, Pavarchin, Santo, Mooj, Piden, For You, Fridays, Pelak, Pedar-e-Khoob, Kanal Burger, Pizza Tanoori, Joseph, Kompani, Padideh, Testino, Domino, Pavion, Ye Jay-e-Khoob, Lapino, Greenland, Aramis, Mr. Sushi, Pizza Naar, Fish & Chips.
16. Restaurant: Lux-e-Talaei, Mellat, Reyhan, Quick bar, Dehati, Aramis, Jiger-e-Baba, Lidoma, Ab va Atash, Kitchen Tak.
17. International institutions and organizations: UNICEF, UNIDO, Embassy of New Zealand.
18. Foreign Luxury Supplies Companies: Orient, Police, Seiko, Casio, Kobe, Nokia, Philips
19. Construction Group: I.C.G, Nasim-e-Shomal, I.H.D, Khatam Al-Anbia Base, Abad Gostar-e-Kasra, Abdanan-e-Zagros Cement, Sepasad Engineering Company.
20. Foreign Industrial Companies: BTC, Nikon, Canon, LG, Osram, Sonar, Philips, Lovage, Youssef, ITen.
21. Oil Companies: Adiko, Pasargad, Pepperl & Fuchs, Faraz Tejarat-e-Caspian
22. Clothing Group: Keneza, Jiverdano, Feres, Tak taz, Decolte, Keneshka.
23. Medical Supplies: Sadat, Abzar-e-Teb, Siadatan, Diyar Tajhiz, Delta Daroo, Kimiya Razi, Sima Royan Teb, Daroo Gostar-e-Razi, Teb Gostaresh, Saman Teb Saba, Teb-e-Shafa, Rojin Daroo.
24. Cosmetics: Golrang, Surinet, Valenci, Super Boo, Behdasht Gostar-e-Tara (Bazel Behdasht)
25. Appliances: Ben Cafe Pars, Hyundai Appliances, Daewoo dealer
26. Airlines: Mehrpouyan, Zagros, Meraj, EPV
27. Insurance Centers: Alborz Insurance, Iran Insurance, Sina Insurance, Karafarin Insurance, Asia Insurance, Kosar Insurance
28. Cultural Centers: Yasna negareh Cultural and Art Institute, Shaden Pejvak, Jahan Nama, Ideal Magazine, Shahid Avini Institute, Delseda, Oj, Asian Media Video, Golrang Electronic.
29. Music & Cinematic Broadcasting Companies: Alvand, Avay-e-Mehr-e-Mihan, Iran Gam, Pars Video, Nahaleh Rudaki, Avaye Hannaneh, Rizmoj, Tasvir-e-Sabz, Fujan Film, Avin Resaneh, Navay-e-Mah Studio, Avaye Shabahang, Honar Namay-e-Parsian, Golrang Pakhsh.

30. Cinematic Productions: Gahv-e-Talkh Serial, Qalb-e-Yakhi Serial, Last Serial, Chehel Salegi, Lotfan Mozahem Nashavid, Dard-e-sar-e-Bozorg, Konkoor 100, Asbab baziha, Sheytoon tarin Sheytoona, Be Fasele Yek Nafas, Aroosak, Amoo Poorang, Ezdevaj-e-Sabz, Hayoola dar Paris, etc.
31. Music Production: Reza Sadeqi, Mohammad Esfahani, Nima Masiha, Babak Jahanbakhsh, Hamid Reza Golshan, Khashayar Etemadi, Rahbar, Alireza Bayat, Mojtaba Hasanali, Hootan Javadi, Alireza Kebriyaei, Bahman Noubahari, Masoud Mehrabi, Taranehaye Zangooleh, Shahin Amiri, Yaser Davoodian, Davood Sharifi, Alireza Marashi, Hesamoddin Seraj, Mohsen Marashi, Delsada, Halia, Mohammad Ali Naji, Ali Sarshar (Man, To, Panjareh), Saber Mohammadi (Toofan-e-Doroq), Banooye Ab, Toke Nabashi (Nabizadeh), Eastern Soldiers Group, Mohammadian (Paeizan), Bisimi Chi, Farhad Javaher Kalam.
32. Computer Games: Shetab dar Shahr, Siavash, etc.
33. Recreational Centers: Hatif Institute
34. Services Companies: QMS
35. Kindergarten: Peyvand, Dadmehr, Hafez
36. Hotels: Jahan, Razi, Fahm
39. Trading Companies: Feli, Kasra, DJM, Moazzeni, Afragol, Arad, Qaem, Niroo Ata Tejarat-e-Asia, Arvand Pejen Pargas, Mad, Tejarat-e-Beinolmelal-e-Ara, Boland Payeh, Afrand Atlas.
38. Colleagues: Baq-e-Ferdows Digital Printing, Pars Printing, Action Printing, Bi haram Printing & Advertising, Neda-e-Novin-e-Pars Advertising, Donya-e-Farda, Razi Printing, Cheshmandaz Advertising Center, Moj-e-Rang, Tarrahan-e-Mandegar, Iranian Graphic Home, Bijan Graphics, Ava Designing and Architecture.
39. Publications: Tajik Publications, Talaei Publications
40. Laundry: Mr. Clean, Soheil
41. Shipping Companies: Iran Peyman Passenger Company
42. Agricultural and livestock Products Manufacturing Company: Zima

Customer orientation, our ultimate goal
There is a boss who is capable of endangering the job of superordinate in the organization as well as his subordinates by spending money in another organization. He is none other than customer (Professor Sam Walton)

Some of the customers of the new world are: 


State organs

Travel Agency

Clothing group

Civil Engineering Group

Music productions


Insurance centers

Medical Equipment

Home Appliances


fast food

Municipality of Tehran

Investment companies

Music and film distribution companies

Oil companies

Foreign luxury accessories companies

Foreign industrial companies

Cinematic productions

International organizations and institutions


Cultural Centers

Computer Games

Service companies



Comercial Companies




Transportation institutions

Agricultural and Animal Products Production Company

Recreation centers



Industrial Group


Automotive group

Manufacturers of auto parts

educational institutes

Computer Institute