Section 20- Site and SEO (3)

Section 21- Electronic Advertising (3)

Section 22- Audio and Visual Advertising and Ads on Advertising Sites (2)

Section 23- Software and Office Automation (CRM) (2)

Introducing NewNet Group



Introducing NewNet Group

NewNet is one of the subsidiaries to New World International Holding and is considered as an environment in which software packages and a new generation of elements called web services would be used to observe and plan advertisements and marketing and to introduce, sell, and render services to dear clients in all business fields.

What is formation of NewNet aimed at?

You are in need of a marketing program to develop your business; and, a correct marketing program answers the following questions:

1- Who are your target customers?

2- How should you attract these target customers?

3- How to retain them as your permanent customers?

Considering globalization of virtual business world and electronic marketing as well as considerable increase of competition in the field among available businesses, there is a need for a professional and specific space through which the business could be spread and displayed in today’s competitive world

NewNet has begun its work to the aim of dealing with and satisfying basic and systematic requirements of all businesses with consideration of the newest standards of the world and according to each specialty and business in various public and private organizations and institutions.

NewNet is ready to provide you with services and to cooperate with you with reliance on its comprehensive experiments in terms of advertisement, Digital Marketing, and etc. Taking advantage of experienced experts, NewNet takes action for execution of your important software and hardware projects, professional website development, electronic marketing as well as rendering consulting services and performing promotion and marketing planning to improve your business.

  • If you are interested in your business boom;
  • If you want the highest profit to be resulted from your available capital and facilities;
  • If you are intended to know how to allocate highest market share to yourselves;
  • If you want your product, company, or store brand to be turned to a valid and known one in the market; and,
  • If you want to achieve a business method upon which customer would be chasing you instead of you chasing them.

How to make a business boom?

The problem with many of small and average size enterprises is their marketing and sale department. Company’s development requires formulated marketing and sale program and a powerful organization to execute marketing plans.

Using multiple devices, we are living in a world still focused on traditional and old methods to improve vision and traffic which in fact makes you losing an excellent opportunity. The gap along with the fact that probably you are one or several steps behind your competitors or have no contact with your clients is considered as too much for your business.

We are by your side to help you remain in economic cycle and business market and to promote your business growth and survival.

In case you take no action and make no change in your marketing and sales process; surely, you would be out of competition cycle.

The world requires you to take a new outlook regarding business. If taking no action and not making any changes in marketing and sales procedure of yours; surely, your will be out of competition cycle. Taking advantage of our experienced and expert team, we help you in achieving business development through implementation of new Digital Marketing methods; and, you will experience an unimaginable level of sales.

NewNet workgroup (Donyay-e Electronic) uses experts in IT field, with consideration of following mottos:

  • Use NewNet to renew your ideas;
  • Use NewNet to revive your profession;
  • Use NewNet to leave behind persistent steps;
  • Use NewNet to outpace professionals; and,
  • Use NewNet to make an unimaginable world of yours.

Newnet Competitive advantages

Provision of new business mechanisms;

  • Having records of providing business consultation;
  • Having quality control group;
  • Being a member of the country’s trade system;
  • Taking advantage of efficient and economic methods for cost saving in setting up the networks;
  • Providing high quality services to customers in creation and development of networks;
  • Continuous follow-ups to expedite orders;
  • Sustainable reliability with regard to suppliers;
  • Extended trust with regard to customers;
  • Are you making effort to find an appropriate platform for activity and growth of your business?
  • Are you in need of managing your relationships with customers and those in demand of your services?
  • Have you any planning for your future activities to analyze your business operation and to determine best way to achieve profit?
  • As a big community of consultants about every detail of Social Media and electronic marketing, we are ready to help you through different methods according to your requirements.

Digital Marketing services in NewNet are provided effectively. With consideration to growth made in usage made of Social Media and cyberspace as well as influence of media, digital and effective marketing has turned to one of the most powerful forms of marketing in Social Media.

NewNet provides effective marketing services for companies looking for help marketing their business with high efficiency and better performance.

Any approach with careful planning and determined value is short-term at best. NewNet is at your side with a rich variety of Digital Marketing to bring you closer to your business goals.

Our working method in NewNet group is briefly as follows:

Section 20- Site and SEO

20-1- Dedicated Website Design and Support for Your Website

20-2- Online Store (from design to revenue generation)

20-3- SEO

Section 21- Electronic Advertising

21-1- Advertising on Google (GoogleAdWords)

21-2- Digital Marketing

21-3- Advertising on Social Media

Section 22- Audio and Visual Advertising and Ads on Advertising Sites

22-1- Audio and Visual Advertisements

22-2- Ads insertion Site (Ads on advertising sites)

Section 23- Software and Office Automation

23-1- Exclusive Programming Software, Personalization of Software, Application, Multimedia

23-2- Administrative Automation (CRM)

Section 20- Site and SEO

20-1- Site

Designing web pages is one of the key factors for accepting businesses in the current world as well as e-commerce. Every site needs support and updating. NewNet is a professional site designer and 24-hour support for your site.

In the NewNet, specialized website design or its upgrade, troubleshooting along with content design and uploading, hosting and exclusive domain under your ownership, regular periodical services along with full training are done.

20-2- Online store

An online store is a website that offers a number of goods or services of any kind in its showcase. Customers can order the store to use those services or goods; and even pay for services or goods online.

20-3- SEO

Briefly, SEO is actions that lead to the visibility of the site in the first pages and rows of search engines. This process requires knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the biggest initial investment to optimize a site or a page. Millions of searches are performed by users on Google search engines every day. Placing your website at the top of Google results can have a great impact on user visits to the site and as a result attract new customers to your business.

Section 21 – Electronic Advertising

21-1- Advertisements on Google

GoogleAdWords is an online advertising tool that allows business owners to display their ad in Google search results to compete with their competitors. This type of advertisement is displayed based on the keywords that users search for and the history of their previous searches and each of these links can be linked to one of the pages of the desired website (landing page). Google advertising focuses on keywords. In this way, different businesses can create an ad using their desired keywords so that users can see this ad when they search for those keywords. You can usually see the term “Ad” in Google ads. By clicking on these links, users will be taken directly to the main website.

 21-2- Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to any marketing of products and services that is done through electronic devices. Considering the ease and interest of the audience and users in the virtual space and receiving services from this platform, activities in this field are significantly important. So that many applicants for services and products judge you based on your business brand status in the virtual space and decide to communicate with you.

Digital Marketing services: 1- content marketing, 2- marketing through search engines or seo, 3- marketing through Social Media, 4- various campaigns (such as email marketing, advertisements, etc.)

21-3- Advertising in Social Media

It is a tool to get traffic and audience attention to your brand or business and it is a way to communicate with users online. NewNet is at your side with a rich variety of Digital Marketing to bring you closer to your business goals. You have to think beyond Google, and this is a difficult task that requires time and money. But if you depend on Google for your business, your business is at serious risk. We seek to offer you a new way in the digital world with extensive and innovative advertising. NewNet services in this section include: creating pages, creating content, promoting members, commenting, liking and advertising on the most visited pages in Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

22- Audio and Visual Advertising and Ads on Advertising Sites

22-1- Audio and Visual Advertisements

Advertisements are planned for the purpose of conveying advertising messages to the audience, and the most effective of them are television advertisements. Today, the media, especially the visual media, play an essential role in people’s lives. The media have established their presence in many fields, including news, education, art, etc.

22-2- Ads insertion Site (Ads on advertising sites)

Popular sites that provide the possibility of advertising and placing ads, and people can search for their desired topic by choosing a simple click. If a person wants to start a business, it is suggested to introduce his products and advertise on popular sites.

Section 23- Software and Office Automation

23-1- Exclusive Programming Software, Personalization of Software, Application, Multimedia

The NewNet has a dedicated programming department for our dear customers, which is carried out in this group from the flowchart stage to the end of the implementation set according to the definition of the customer’s needs. Another part of the software services of the NewNet is the customization of existing software according to the needs of customers. Application design and multimedia production is one of NewNet’s specialized services.

23-2- Administrative Automation (CRM)

Office automation includes various software that are used to create, collect, store and change office information needed to perform the main tasks of the organization electronically. Raw data storage, electronic transmission and electronic business information management are the main activities of an office automation system. Office automation helps to automate and optimize the current procedures of organizations.